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20 June 2017

The heat wave continues.  Day 5 now.  It's predicted to get up to 106 today, and will have cooled off to 103 by the time we have to go to Sacramento to review Beauty and the Beast.  The extended forecast shows that it isn't going to get out of the 100s until Sunday, when it will cool off to a high of only 97, which at this point does seem cooler to me.

I think in the nearly 44 years we have lived here this is the longest stretch of triple digit days we have had.  Last year, I remember getting to the start of fall and remarking that we'd only had a handful of triple digit days, spread out over 3 months. It's only June and we have already had more than last year.  Climate change?  Nahhh.  Couldn't be.

Of course we live in air conditioner country and so with the combination of the house a/c and strategically placed fans, I am blissfully unaware of how hot it is outside  I didn't go to Atria yesterday because of the heat, but I feel guilty if I miss more than 2 days (I felt it was OK to skip Sunday because I knew Ned was visiting her) so I'll be out and about this afternoon.

Yesterday was "Orva Day."  I wrote yesterday's journal entry about the memorial service and got my one video posted to YouTube.  I had a bunch of photos that needed to be cropped and edited to make them look better than they really were.  That took a big chunk of time but I got them all posted to Facebook.  I also wrote to a few people to direct them to the photos and video, afraid they would otherwise miss them, and started a long letter to Ann MacNab, the co-founder of The Lamplighters, who was unable to attend the memorial due to health problems.

By the time I did all the Orva stuff and got my afternoon nap in, I completely forgot that I hadn't written my review of Legally Blonde, which we saw on Friday.  I was up at midnight finishing that.

I spent the afternoon reading all the glowing comments on the photos and loving memories of Orva and just the Lamplighters family coming together on Facebook .... that is, until this crazy comment showed up on my photo album for the memorial:

He was a dishonest person. He and the Lamplighters producer repeatedly sent out audition notices stating "All roles are cast by open audition" but they always cast the same people in each show.

There were wonderful rebuttal comments on this hateful comment and some urged me to delete the comment, but I felt (others agreed with me), that I should leave and let people see what a hateful person this was.

Never make an accusation like this to a historian.  I went to the Lamplighters history and discovered that this guy had been in the chorus for 7 Lamplighters shows in the 1970s and had actually moved up to a principal role for his last show in the late 1970s.  Which seems in contradiction to the comment. 

So tonight, as I said, we are going out into the heat to review Beauty and the Beast, which we last saw when Caroline was here and wanted to see the movie.  When we go to Santa Barbara for Tom's birthday barbeque, we are going with the girls to their very first big theater show, Beauty and the Beast.  It's a good thing I actually like the show!

Tomorrow my colleague, Jeff, and I are being interviewed again on the local PBS radio station to discuss the current season of the Music Circus.  We were interviewed a year ago and I guess all went all right because we've been invited back.  (Of course, it doesn't hurt that Jeff also has his own radio program on the same radio station.) It's nice the interview takes place the day after Beauty and the Beast opens.  I must bone-up on the other shows in this season.

Today is the big day of the Georgia senate election.  I do not live in Georgia and while I understand the importance of the democrat winning, I have heard from Ossoff's people many times a day for a year now.  I even was guilted into making a small donation once (good Lord don't do that!!!) and their requests for "just $5 more" increased.

By now I really don't care who wins.  I just want the harassment to stop!!!!!


Laurel's caption for this photo:
This guy. World's greatest dad was up before 6 AM
to get Bri to her game this morning, and
 finally able to kick back and play her in chess. We love you babe.


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