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8 July 2017

While we were in Santa Barbara, I was dealing with some minor intestinal problems.  Nothing serious that a good purge wouldn't fix, but lacking that, I suffered in silence, longing for pancakes with maple syrup, my natural remedy for constipation.  I determined that I would make pancakes on our first morning home.

Only we had no eggs or milk, so that shot that idea but I was going to go to the store after visiting my mother and would put off pancakes for another day.  I also knew that our Home Chef delivery was going to be delayed a day because of the holiday, and I needed to think of something for dinner on that night.

I went to Nugget Market and the first thing that caught my eye was a big bin of beautiful big button mushrooms.  They were the perfect size to stuff with something for an hors d'oeuvre, but the first thing I thought of was the mushroom and wine dish I used to make a long time ago.

It was a recipe from the Tiny Tots cookbook, the book that our kids' nursery school put out.  Char and I worked on the book, which was called Trifles from Tiny Tots.

We figured that this would be the best place to save all of our favorite recipes in one place, so the book, which has recipes from all the moms in the school, also has recipes from my mother, Walt's mother and my father.  And it had the recipe for Mexican wonton, which Char and/or I often brought to parties and everyone wanted to make. 

The book was much used for many years after it was published, but it's been in a drawer for a long time.  Looking at the display of mushrooms, though, I remembered that mushroom recipe which had been submitted by our friend Michele and I just got my mouth all set for mushrooms on steak (Walt would have the steak; I would just have the mushrooms; I don't eat much meat any more.)

So I bought a nice sirloin and a big bag of mushrooms and headed home to make dinner.

I usually start dinner after Jeopardy, which would be between 7:30 and 8 and when I went to start cooking the mushrooms, I found out they had to simmer for 45 minutes, which was just too late.  So I made something quicker and promised Walt his steak and mushrooms tonight.

(in the meantime, BTW, now armed with milk and eggs, I had also been -- shall we say relieved -- of my intestinal concerns, so I didn't make pancakes after all.  In fact, the very last thing I need now is pancakes!)

So anyway, today was the day I was going to make the mushrooms....and I was going to start early enough that we wouldn't have to eat at midnight.  I got my ingredients assembled and my mushrooms chopped and then asked Walt if he would visit his wine stash and bring me a bottle of white wine.

He didn't have white wine.  Lot of red wine, but no white.

So he went off to the store and by the time he got home, it was later than it had been the night before, but I cooked the mushrooms anyway and they were delicious.

The nice thing about having to send him out for wine is that otherwise he never would have found this wine:

You can barely read it, but in script it says "Charlotte's Home."  Heck, if we're going to be going back to Trifles from Tiny Tots for a meal, we might as well use Charlotte's wine!  Seems only fitting!


Lizzie, before and after


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