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6 July 2017

And finally it was our turn.  We were the stragglers of the group.  Gerald and Melissa had gone back to Long Beach after the picnic, Norm and Olivia left the morning after the picnic, Ned left the day after that, and it was just Walt and me.  It was time to pack up and leave.  I missed my computer!!!! and was eager to get all of these entries finally put together and posted.  In the near future I am going to have to Address the Laptop Problem before our next trip.

Once Walt and Alice Nan both got cell phones, they text their progress to each other, in one word texts:  San Jose, King City, San Luis Obispo, etc.  But Alice Nan just got a new iPhone and I decided to spice up the one word texts and instead sent her a photographis tour of our progress northword.

She bravely waved goodbye, though she love having family around so much andt his was such a big Family Week that I know the house was going to seem very empty after we left, especially since even Joe had gone off to work.

It was high 70s when we left and predicted to get warmer during the day, but not as hot as it was when we made a rest stop near Camp Roberts where it was 105 (having ridden in an air conditioned car, I was blissfully aware of what was going on outside.

I'm always intrigued by the San Ardo oil fields.  They look like something you'd encounter in Texas or Oklahoma,  And this photo doesn't show the breadth of the field, including oil wells lined up across the tops of the hills.

By the time we'd driven through King City and closer to the ocean (though still separated by mountains), the temperature had dropped from 105 to 79!!  I always love this brief point of the drive because Steinbeck writes so eloquently of the Gabalon mountains, of which this is a small piece.  I never go through here without thinking of "East of Eden."

Best part of this part of the trip was seeing fog off in the distance.

We would not get anywhere near the fog, of course, and would turn back inland too soon, but I love seeing fog hugging the hills anywhere.

Soon we were in Gilroy the garlic capital of the world

McDonald's here was advertising "Gilroy Garlic fries" and we had to have some of those.  Bad idea.  They were barely warm, not at all crispy or salty and I could hardly taste the garlic.

Before I knew it, I was posting this to Alice Nan.

The dog were thrilled to see us (since it was dinner time!).  It was so good to be home, we sat and watched 3 recorded episodes of Jeopardy before we even unloaded the car.

So life goes on, as my mother always says.  I was up until 3 a.m. getting the first of these entries written and today I will go back to Atria and see if my mother remembers who I am.

Best thing about the weekend is that between audio books and real books, I read three books while we were away



One of my favorite memories -- Walt and Tom, napping together
on the patio at Tom's house.


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