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4 July 2017

Olivia is scheduled to start a new job, so she and Norm could not stay another day and had to get on the road this morning.  With all the haste that usually accompanies a Sykes goodbye (otherwise known as "Hour Baur") it was noon before they finally got away. 

There wasn't a lot to be done today, so I managed to finish one book and get nearly finished with another.  In the afternoon we met Tom et al. where the girls have karate classes.  Lemme tell you, there are few things in life cuter than a karate class for 4-6 year olds!  Watching those little guys trying to keep their balance while they haul off and hit a pad with all their might is just absolutely adorable.

Bri has been at Karate longer and her group is older.  You don't want to meet up with one of these tough guys in a dark alley some day.

When Karate was over, we went to a pizza parlor for dinner.  Uncle Ned sprang for some quarters so the girls could play the machines.  Bri said she wanted to drive a car in Australia and kill kangaroos.  Haruph!

Lacie hate to be called cute, so don't tell her I wrote this, OK? ....

There was almost a melt-down between Bri and Lacie over who got to use Uncle Ned's camera to take pictures and Ned came up wth an ingenious solution that seemed to keep everybody happy.

We said goodbye to Ned after dinner.  He would be leaving in the morning and we would ot see him again in Santa Barbara.  For the third night, I came home and fell asleep almost immediately.





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