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2 July 2017

We weren't sure what was happening today.  I had heard something about maybe we were going to have a book club meeting but the only information was that Jeri said that she heard that maybe it was going to be at 4.

Tom and Laurel had such a confusing, busy day yesterday, I decided to just sit tight and wait until they contacted us.

Around noon, we got a text from Tom saying that Bri and some of her softball teammates were selling lemonade at a lemonade stand a few blocks from here to raise money so that the team can participate in the championships in San Diego in a couple of weeks.

Most of the folks here decided to go get lemonade.  "It's just a short 20 minute walk," Alice Nan said,  Olivia and I decided not to go. They were gone a long time, but apparently had a good time, some lemonade and hot chocolate.  They returned home with the report that Uncle Ned had arrived.

Well, I knew that with Uncle Ned, the most popular person on the planet, here, that pretty much shot it for any chance at a book club.  But no, around 4, Tom texted that book club was all set up whenever we wanted to come over to their house.

I figured that with Uncle Ned, the most popular person on the planet, there,  book club would be pretty much a joke and would last, at most 10 minutes.

Was I ever surprised!!!  Ned was in charge of keeping Lacie occupied so we would not be disturbed.  Bri had prepared this meeting as carefully as a teacher prepares a lesson plan.  She had made a power point demonstration herself (even I can't do that!)

and had created a crossword puzzle for us to do to start things rolling.  Jeri had joined us via FaceTime from Boston and Bri emailed her the cross word puzzle.  We all worked it and compared answers.

Then she had a kind of quiz to see how much we remembered about the two books ("The Magician's Nephew" and "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe")  Turns out that Alice Nan, who was somewhat intimidated about the idea of a book club, remembered more than any of us.

And then we had an open discussion about what we liked and didn't like about the books.  It was a discussion that could have been held in any classroom, with everyone sharing thoughts and feelings, especially Brianna.  I want to say she was just so cute, but I was so impressed with how she conducted herself, asked good questions, made sure everyone contributed.  It was just absolutely great....and she's only 9!

At one point we were talking about Aslan, the lion, being the "god" of Narnia, and comparing it to the Bible.  It got into trying to explain the trinity to Brianna and she could get  the father and the son being the same person, but it was tricky thinking how to explain the Holy Spirit, so I just said the trinity was "the father, the son, and the lion."  That seemed to work.

(This was Jeri's view from Boston!)

The 10 minute book club meeting I thought we would have extended to an hour and ended with homework for us to bring back next time.  Bri cautioned me not to read too far ahead, and that I should stop after "Prince Caspian," which is good because I am really kind of tired of Narnia books!  I liked "Prince Caspian," but am not eager to start another one real soon)

Of course it wasn't 10 minutes after the meeting ended that Bri and Lacie were fighting and, as I described it to Jeri, "pandemonium ensued" as Bri turned back into a 9 year old. But that was one remarkable hour, I tell ya.

When it was over, the schedule called for us all to watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie, so we all retired to the den and sat around watching, while Tom made and served soup to us. 

We didn't get through the whole movie because it was getting late and the girls needed to go to bed (they had already seen the move, as had I, so it wasn't a problem...I don't think the rest of the book club was interested any more anyway!)

I came home so exhausted that I flopped almost instantly on the couch.  It was only 10 p.m.  I told everyone that I was going to sleep and not to worry about being quiet...nothing would wake me up.  I told them they could talk loudly, sing, dance, laugh, and do anything they wanted and I would sleep through it.  And I did.  I didn't even know they all had ice cream without me.


Looking at my panorama picture on Olivia's iPad


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