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24 January 2017

Life is going to be so much easier...and more that "alternative facts" are popular with the new administration.  I have a few alternative facts of my own and it's time to get them off m chest.

Alternative Fact:

That fat old lady you see pictures of on this journal frequently isn't really me.  In real life, I'm middle aged, slim, and beautiful.

Alternative Fact:

I laugh when I post pictures of that messy house, since I am compulsively neat and tidy and my house is a real show place.

Alternative Fact:

I rarely watch TV (and when I do it's only PBS specials).  In real life, I love the outdoors and you can usually find me hiking or biking somewhere in the country.

Alternative Fact:

My mother doesn't really have dementia.  At 97 she is remarkably mentally sharp and a real social butterfly who is involved in many activities at Atria and has a large circle of friends with whom she spends her time each day.

Alternative Fact:

Polly isn't really a pain in the butt.  She's a loving little dog, who always has a wagging tail and who loves everyone, especially guests who visit our house.

Alternative Fact:

Donald Trump won the popular vote, if you discount the millions of illegal votes cast
(Real fact:  number of illegal votes found--4, and one of those was a woman who voted twice--both times for Trump)

Alternative Fact:

I am a health food nut and when I had lunch with Char yesterday, I had a big salad and did NOT have a delicious vanilla malt while I waited for her to arrive.

Oh yes, the world of alternative fact is a pleasant one, where you can believe whatever you want, whether it's the truth or not.  The sad thing, of course, is that there are real facts that the rest of the world has to deal with.

Real Fact:  I am sleeping so well these days.  I am going to sleep before midnight and sleeping all night without the middle of the nigh waking.  And if I wake up in the middle of the night, I go right back to sleep.

I finally decided that this new sleep schedule is because I am so depressed about our 45th president and his actions the first three days of his administration (Siri: how many days in four years? - "1,460," she says.  3 down 1,457 left to go.) that I just want to sleep until it's all over.

Back to real facts.

Char and I had what seems to be our February Fenton's luncheon.  We don't specifically plan to eat at Fenton's each February, but I've checked a few of our previous lunches and it seems that we are always meeting at Fenton's Ice Creamery in the Nut Tree shopping center in February.  I have offered many times to drive down and meet her somewhere closer to her house (mine is only about 20 minutes away from Fenton's) but we both love their crab salad sandwich, which is unlike anything we have found elsewhere, and Fenton's makes the only malt-tasting malt that I have had since I was a kid, so I don't protest when she says she really doesn't mind driving all that way.

Naturally, our conversation centered around the Orange Menace and what he is doing to this country in only 3 days.  We also agreed that these silly assertions--about voting numbers, crowd sizes and other things that have dominated the airwaves since the inauguration are merely a cover-up for what is going on in the Oval Office.  So far he has raised mortgage rates on FHA loans (which affects primarily military families), set the wheels in motion for repeal of Obamacare, with no alternative in sight, cut funding to any health center that disperses abortion information, which is going to remove routine health care and contraception advice for millions of families around the world and removing the stop on the pipe line.  But you don't hear talking heads spending an hour discussing those.  They are discussing alternative facts and proving that they are NOT dishonest when they report things. 

I heard a talk show host say "why does he persist in saying these things" and I think it's blatantly obvious ... it's a smoke screen and we are more likely to get irate about those than about what he is doing, in the meantime.

Since this morning he released this tweet saying he really won the popular vote but so many illegals voted that it skewed the vote in Hillary's favor, I wonder what other destruction of the Obama legacy he has in mind for us today.

May it all come back to bite him in the butt...and soon.

Alternative fact:

I actually voted for Trump and think he's doing a fanTAStic job.

I think I need to go back to sleep now.

"The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
George Orwell, 1984

Addendum real fact:

the Trump administration just announced plans to gut the Department of Justice's Violence Against Women programs. President Trump wants to immediately begin cutting funding for hundreds of local rape crisis centers, the National Domestic Violence Hotline--which has served almost 4 million people--and sexual assault response training for hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officials

This, apparently in response to the protest march.  Gotta put women in their place, ya' know.

I wonder how long it will be before we get the order to start wearing burqas.


Trump Rehearsing his 2017 Goal: Take over Britain and replaceThe Queen


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