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21 January 2017

I hear there might be "something" going on in the country's capitol.  I have been blissfully unaware of it all.

First, I woke up at 6 (after not going to sleep until after 2) and thought I'd go to the couch and see if I could get back to sleep.  When I woke up it was 9:45.  Wonderful.  All the festivities would have been over, if I was aware of what was going on.

Walt and I drove out to neighboring Winters to the Putah Creek Cafe, where we had a lovely brunch.  They sat us at a booth and I looked across at Walt and decided it was a good thing I was not Sheldon Cooper.  It drove me crazy enough and I don't even have OCD.

I had worn black because I felt like I was in mourning.  I also don't drink, but decided the day called for it, so I had what turned out to be a delicious berry mimosa.

I had a waffle and he had a panini and then we drove out into the countryside to look at flooding.  Given the fact that it had poured earlier...and that it was a Friday...the back roads were nearly deserted and I was able to take this photo of one of the many walnut orchards.

You can always tell when it's a walnut orchard because they graft English walnut trees onto black walnut trees to produce the walnuts we are familiar with but they all look so unmistakable with their two-tone trunks.

Later on we passed lots of flooded fields.

And we also found another way to get from I-80 to Davis when there is heavy traffic.  A great shortcut to know!

I dropped Walt off and then went to Atria to visit with my mother, a person who has never heard of Donald Trump, despite reading the newspaper every day.

She had no clue we had a new president, knew nothing of anything political, and I could rant and rave as much as I wanted and her response was "where did those chairs come from?" "So what are you doing tonight?" or " goes on."  But at least she listened to me, which was cathartic, if unhelpful.

I came home, checked out the eagles' nest to see how big the baby is getting, then turned on a Law and Order: SVU marathon until time for Jeopardy.

If anything important happened anywhere in the world, I was blissfully unaware of it.  And that was a lovely way to spend the day.  Ned would be proud of me.


I was able to catch BOTH eagle parents in the nest


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