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3 February 2017

My first Thursday without Logos.  Whatever would I do with myself?  I know.  The very thing.  Walt and I went to Costco.

Ever since I became a Compassion sponsor, I feel guilty whenever I go to Costco.

This is excess in the extreme, each aisle filled with large sized everything. I think of my kids living in places where this would be unimaginable.  But I shop anyway.

You never know when you're going to find something new and interesting.   There were lots of samples today but these were the best

There were four different flavors but I liked these the best, so we bought a bag.  However, I decided to pass on these.

We got away for less than I usually spend, which was nice.  I was telling Walt that when I go to Costco now, I have to factor in Blue Apron dinners and how much space there is in the refrigerator and freezer, neither of which hold as much as our old one did, so I can't get carried away with stuff to freeze.

We left Costco and I dropped Walt off at home, took a package to the post office and delivered my mother's laundry to her.  She is now doing weird things with her laundry and mixing up the hamper with the garbage can...and sometimes the odd bag lying around her bedroom.  Whatever was in with the undies this time, dissolved in my washer and left a weird substance everywhere in the dryer.  I knew it was hopeless, but I tried to explain to her the importance of putting only underwear in her hamper.  She was very confused and didn't have a clue what I was talking about but she could see I was upset and she said she would try to remember.  I know I have to change the way I do her laundry now.

We sat and looked at each other for an hour before I left.  I keep trying to find very simple topics to talk with her about, but we just talk about the same things over and over again an in between, I start to doze off.  I wish I could find something to say to her or do with her to enrich her day, but I have not been able to find that elusive thing.  Mostly we talk about how she knows she's supposed to be doing something, but doesn't know what and do I ever feel that way?

I came home and took a nap; Walt went down to the pub where he has gone for a beer every Thursday while I'm working, just for old times sake.  He also stopped in Logos to see how things were going and met several friends there.


Stocking up for the next four years....

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