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24 December 2017

The hours creep on apace and we are that much closer to the holiday festivities.

Jeri and Phil flew into San Francisco this morning.  I was worried by the weather reports for New England, and especially Boston, but they had no trouble leaving and as it was a straight through flight, with no stopovers in places like Chicago or Denver, there were no problems en route.

Walt drove down to pick them up, leaving around 8 (while I was still asleep) and so I had the afternoon alone and, with no car, "nothing" to do but clean and straighten and wrap.  There weren't a lot of gifts to wrap, but I got them all wrapped and under the tree.  I'm growing to like our little tree and am glad that I went with a larger tree than the teeny one we had last year.  It's fun to look at the ornaments and remember the old days when we first got or made them.

I was going to make brownies this morning but decided that we didn't need them and I didn't have time to make them anyway.

Some cleaning and straightening got done.  I'm like that dog in the movie UP, though in that I am easily distracted. 

Walking from one end of the house to the other to do something in the living room (not a very long distance) I can come across three other things that needed to be done, start one of them, see another, then drop the first thing and start the second, then remember a third thing I need to do, and on and on and on.  In the end, I leave behind a number of not quite finished things that are still waiting completion!

Adding to all the rest is the looming Book Club meting and Bri's video message yesterday reminding us to have our next two books read (Books 5 and 6 of the Narnia series).  I had started book 5 ("Voyage of the Dawn Treader") right after our last meeting, but decided to put off finishing it and so had to start from scratch.  I'm determined to finish it today, in addition to all the other "squirrel" tasks I've been doing.

Walt arrived back home with Jeri and Phil around 3.  They had stopped for lunch at the Sizzler and were stopping here for a brief visit before going to Ned's Christmas party in Sacramento tonight.

With the car back, I decided to run up to the temporary See's store, which opens from Thanksgiving to Christmas each year, and get my mother a box of See's candy.  Is there anything sadder than a See's two days before Christmas?

Most of the shelves have been emptied and so the choices are very limited, but fortunately, they had exactly what I wanted so that was an easy purchase.

There was a guy standing in the parking lot with a violin and a boom box, sounding for all intents and purposes as a symphony.  I noticed him on the way into See's and was going to take his picture when I came out, but he was packing up by then ... not surprised, as it was pretty cold.

The kids had taken a nap and were wrapping their gifts for Ned's party and then were gone.  Walt said that he had such a big lunch he didn't need dinner, so no point in cooking dinner.  I'm off the hook. I decided we would have a fondue dinner on Christmas eve 'cause I have a craving for Swiss fondue.

There is nothing interesting on TV tonight, so I will spend the evening buried in the voyages of the Dawn Treader and hope I get it finished before I fall asleep.  Then tomorrow in the middle of everything else, I can start "The Silver Chair."



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