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21 December 2017

Realizing that Christmas is coming whether I'm ready or not, I decided I'd better start getting ready.  That meant Putting Up The Tree.

I think two years ago, we didn't have any tree.  Ned, Marta, Jeri and Phil were in Jamaica, Tom et al. wouldn't be here until after Christmas and there didn't seem to be any point.

Last year, I decided we should have some tree, so I went to Michael's looking for an artificial tree.  They were all so expensive and mostly bigger than I wanted, but I found this tree, which is about 12" tall--not tall enough for ornaments--and plugged it in and---voilā, we had our tree.  (when I took this picture it was on the kitchen counter and you can see its size compared to the mixer, which is behind it...I later moved it to the living room).

It was a real Charlie Brown tree but I didn't show it much love.  It worked but when this year came around I decided to do something a bit better.

Michaels was having a sale on artificial trees and I found one which is 4' tall, and comes with lights.  I bought it a month ago and it has been sitting in its box  I just couldn't get into "tree mode" but I finally did a few days ago and got the tree out of the box.  I opened the box and it looked like there was a bit of "hardware" involved, so I didn't try to put it together, leaving it for Walt (because I'm such a klutz).  But a couple of days later, I examined the "hardware" and discovered it was just an envelope of extra bulbs, so I decided I was capable of putting tab into slot B to make a full tree.  Yay me!

I plugged it in and there were all those lights.  On the bottom.  I looked and looked and looked and could not find the plug to plug the top into the bottom. 

I figured Walt might have better luck than I, but he wasn't home, so opened a box of ornaments and discovered some old friends.

Somewhere I'm sure we have glass balls, but we have an overabundance of home made ornaments.  Each year there were new ones added--like the Mr. Bill that Ned made one year, and the seven dwarfs that my friend Kathy made for me one year.  We also have a lot of bought ornaments that represent special things--like a cat playing a clarinet, a 49er player, and lots of music-themed ornaments.  Since I was doing this tree mainly for the grandkids, I decided I would just use the non-ball ornaments. 

I sat back and looked at the tree again and suddenly saw the plug I couldn't find before, so managed to get the tree put together so that all the lights lit.  Then I managed to disconnect the entire middle section by trying to plug in our Mr. Spock/USS Enterprise ornament (doesn't that just say "Christmas" to you?) and had to wait for Walt to fix that.  But he did.  Yay Walt.

I spent the rest of the afternoon choosing the ornaments to use, mostly things that I thought the girls would have fun seeing (like pictures of Jeri, Ned and Tom from 1972.

And now we have "Christmas" n the living room.  I also set up the manger set that I had when I was a kid.

(yes there IS a baby in the manger)

I realized when I set this up that it's 70 years old.  Except for the 3 wise men which are from a different set and look like they are from the cast of Downsizing.  And I have a soft spot for the angel, "Gloria," which Jeri named when she saw that the angel was carrying a banner with that one it.

Merry Christmas!  Today I'll work on food, deciding what food to make for which Christmas dinner and shopping for it.  Maybe I'll even make some Christmas cookies....

I now have holly in my heart.



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