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25 April 2017

This is my friend, whom the TSA apparently thinks is a possible terrorist.

She is a 60-something lady from Ireland (that hotbed of anti-American radical thinking), is a retired teacher, and travels to Davis 4 or 5 times a year to house-sit for friends here in town when they go on vacation.

But on her arrival here, she thought she would not be let into the country.  She was, she says, questioned for 20 minutes -- why is she coming, where does she live, where does she work, what is her boss's name, why does she teach? etc.  She says that everyone on her flight was likewise questioned.  I wonder what is going on in Ireland that we know nothing about....should we worry?

I love it when Grainne comes to town.  She probably knows more people in Davis than I do...well, not probably.  I would say definitely.  For heaven's sake they even dedicated a BENCH in Central Park for her.

We almost always get together with a few other women for lunch before she returns home.  The lunches are always at the University Retirement Community (URC) and arranged by our friend Joan.

The problem with doing anything at the URC is that parking is horrendous.  The last time I was supposed to be there, I drove around for half an hour (it's a small facility!) and could not find parking, so I just came home.  oh, I found LOTS of parking, but none that was not designated for residents, even a whole parking lot that was EMPTY but unusable.  What wasn't set aside for residents was taken over by big trucks doing whatever it was the big trucks were supposed to be doing.

I decided to be smart this time.  I went an hour early and was thrilled to find not one but two parking slots  I grabbed one and then, in about 10 minutes, smiled smugly when the space next to me was filled.  I had my space and it was about as close to the building as you could get.

Sure, I had to kill an hour but I had my cell phone with my Kindle book on it and just sat there reading for about 45 minutes.  I finally decided it was late enough I could go into the deli, where we were meeting.  When I got out of the car this is what I saw.

In addition to the FIVE empty parking slots on this side of the visitors parking area, there were three more on the side where I was parked.  EIGHT EMPTY PARKING SLOTS!  But owell...I had a nice quiet hour to read, which I'm never sorry to have.  But it feels like I can't win for losing.

There were seven of us at lunch and conversation was heavily Trump-centered.  Joan is leading groups which write post cards to Washington and meet a couple of times a week to write them.  She's been doing this for months.  (The time I could not find a parking place was one of those times and I was going to write postcards, but I gave up because of the parking situation.)

When I got home, I had to smile at an envelope from Compassion.  This is what I saw on the outside.

This was my "introduction" to Fred, to whom I have been writing since 2009.  But his financial sponsors recently stop paying for him and I took over the sponsorship.  He is only the second child for whom I wanted to do that.  The first was Shallon, in Uganda.  I took over her sponsorship and kept her until she left the program to open her own business.  Hers was a nice friendship and I am proud of her success.

I didn't get to Atria today.  I was too sleepy and had a nice long nap in the afternoon.



Yellow rose in the URC garden

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