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23 April 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Money Time Questions

1. What are five passions that you have? (If you have less than five, tell us what you do have interests.)

1. Trying to make a difference in the world
2. Protecting animals
3. Writing Funny the World
4. Reading
5. I am passionate about what I see as the death of the country I have loved, and feel powerless to do anything about it.

2. List up to ten random facts about yourself.

1. I was going to be a nun after high school and then changed my mind at the last minute (had my plane ticket in hand too!)
2. I know the deaf sign language and can spell bad words without people realizing it.
3. I have only smoked part of one cigarette in my life and have never used marijuana
4. I learned Chinese cooking from Martin Yan before he became a famous TV chef
5. I am proud of having two books in the card catalog of the Library of Congress

6. I have visited 24 different countries and 30 different states.
7. When Walt fills out our income tax form he lists my occupation as "writer."  I like that.
8. I am very tired of going to funerals of friends.  Stop dying, guys!!!
9. I met both Judy Garland and Carol Channing.  I was tongue tied both times.
10. We hosted ~70 students/visitors from 14 different countries over about 10 years.  The shortest stay was overnight, the longest was 3 years.

3. List five people (personal, historic, living or dead) who have had a major impact on your life or the way you think.

1. Sister Anne, my high school typing teacher, was not only my teacher, but my mentor, my inspiration and my lifelong friend.  I still miss her.
2. Gilbert Russak, music director of The Lamplighters Musical Theater in San Francisco was my best friend until his death in 1986.  He taught me so much about music and we learned computers together.  After his death I read everything I could find about death and was thus better able to help our family get through David's death 10 years later.
3. Fred Reif, professor of Physics at UC Berkeley when I worked there.  He and I are still friends 50+ years later.  He, too, shaped my taste in music (I still love Cesar Frank's Sonata in A Minor for piano and violin) and got me involved with politics when we both worked for Scientists and Engineers for Johnson.
4. Anyone who works to make the world better, like Dame Daphne Sheldrick who rescues orphan elephants in Kenya; Jane Goodall, whose work with chimpanzees has given us such amazing information on those animals and on the environment; all the workers and sponsors through Compassion Int'l who are working to improve the life of children around the world; groups like the one Walt's sister's husband was involved with to bring fresh, clean water to a village in Kenya; and, closer to home, people like Ashley and the other SPCA volunteers who work so tirelessly to rescue animals and find them loving forever homes.
5. For good or ill, Peggy is the person who has had the biggest effect on my life.  She encouraged my weight loss efforts, got me exercising, taught me PhotoShop and gave me lots of pirated software that helped a lot. She was there for me when I needed emotional support....and then one day she just disappeared (I was able to find out she was not ill...or dead) without a word of explanation.  She blocked me from e-mailing her and now she no longer lives where she used to.  It was the biggest deliberate hurt in my life and though I'm pretty much over it now, 5 years later, it has left a huge scar and I am now leery of making new friends for fear they will hurt me the way she did.

4. List 5 things you'd tell your 15 year-old self, if you could.

1. Floss
2. Don't give up; stick with it.  Finish college
3. You will find that when you need to be, you will be stronger than you think you are.
4. For God's sake don't take a speech class; take writing!
5. Learn to like exercise while you can; later it will be too late.

5. What is a major strength that you have? (You can list more than one. Staying with our no rules approach.)

I think #3 says it all.  I have gotten through (you never get over) many losses and hurts in my life and yet, I'm still here

6. What is a major weakness that you have? (You can list more than one. STILL staying with our no rules approach.)

1. I am lazy and an excellent procrastinator
2. I cry at the drop of the hat, so it is impossible to hide my feelings
3. The older I get the stronger my social phobia becomes.
I carry around my own invisible virtual palm tree to hide behind.

7. Describe the family dynamic of your childhood versus your family dynamic now.

I am a child of the 50s and lived in the kind of home Donna Reed would have run, if Donna had lived in a rented flat.  But my father's volatile temper made it a place of tension most of the time.  He was never physically violent, but in retrospect if he had spanked us more and didn't go into rageful silences for days at a time, we might have been better off.  He drove away his wife, his daughter (the other one died), all of his friends, and was alone when he died.  Almost nobody came to his funeral and I have felt no desire to visit his grave.  When I see movies or books about wonderful father-daughter relations, it makes me angry that I never had the opportunity to experience that.

8. What popular notion do you feel that the world has most wrong?

Religion is no reason to kill each other over.  I suspect Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other religious leaders would agree with me.  These were men of peace and love and I suspect they would not recognize the world they left behind.  If we hated less and cared more, we could solve most of the world's problems peacefully.

9. Name three things that always cheer you up when you are down.

1. Getting together with a friend
2. TV has always been a good soporific for me
3. Hearing from the grandkids is a great pick-me-up

10. Name three things would you like to be remembered for?

1. I hope I am remembered as a person who cared and who tried
2. I hope people remember Funny the World
3. Mexican won ton



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