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20 April 2017

"Are you OK?  You look 'down,'" Walt said last night.

I guess I was feeling down, but for nothing specific.  Just everything from politics to personal.

I have been sleeping.  A lot.  The last two nights I've gone to sleep at 10, unheard for me. I wake up early, but then take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  I hadn't really thought there might be an emotional component to it, but I guess there is.

On the national level, we are skirting around the start of World War III and that is depressing enough.  We have these two spoiled brats with bad hair just itching to play with their war toys and we will all be the losers when the first one gives in to that temptation to push the button.

On a personal note we had word that a sort-of friend has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and, according to his Hospice worker, is probably in his final days. 

He's not someone we know well, but he joined the Lamplighters in 1977 and we have watched him perform ever since then, first in the baritone "patter roles," and then in tenor lead roles.  We have socialized casually with him and been to parties with him. Walt belongs to a group of Lamplighter "geezers,'" old guys who get together for dinner occasionally, so he knows him from those gatherings.  The group has already lost at least two guys.

He's a sweet guy and I've always liked him and am sad to hear of his impending death.

Then Walt came home last night and said "Did you know so-and-so died?"  I was shocked.  Really?  "She was 70," he said.  I said "I always thought she was younger than I am."  "She was," he pointed out.

Oh.  Right.  Just another indication that I am in the twilight years.

And, of course, today is the 18th anniversary of Paul's death.  It's not something I dwell on each year.  In fact it was two days ago when I realized what date was upcoming, , but somehow my body always knows.

On the plus side, we'll have sushi tonight

On the minus side ... 18 years. Sigh.

And so I'm sleeping a lot.  I have discovered one thing, though.  If you fall asleep wearing your day clothes and never change, when you wake up, you can spend your whole day in your "pajamas" and nobody knows.

We went to a show on Saturday and one on Tuesday.  We have three to review over the weekend (one of which is The Music Man, Paul's first big show)

Saturday we saw a weird show written by Dale Shores called Daddy's Dyin' Who's got the will?  I thought it would be a knee slapping comedy, but it was more a "dramady." It was made into a movie staring Beau Bridges,  Keith Carradine and Beverly D'Angelo, among others.  A review Walt read said that it was a dumb story saved by a top notch cast (check the preview on You Tube, billed as a "comedy of heirs.")

Well, this was a good, not great production.  It had some excellent performances (primarily the matriarch, played by a sister of Tony Shalhoub), but some, while competent, were just so-so.  Overall, I think I gave it three stars (out of five).  But it was a fun evening.

One thing it taught me, reading the bios of the performers in the show, was how many little theaters there are in Sacramento that I've never heard of and how many well-known (to Sacramento) actors I've never heard of.  And I thought I had reviewed at them all, over the past several years!

On Tuesday we saw the musical version of The Bodyguard, which had been a 1977 movie for Whitney Houston (her acting debut) and Kevin Costner.  I was never a big fan of either star, so did not see the movie, so I decided to rent it before seeing the stage show.

Watching it I had the question in my head -- has Costner ever played a role where he was not the strong, silent type?

I had not been particularly impressed with the movie and had little hope for the musical, but was pleasantly surprised.  From the opening, a VERY LOUD gunshot followed by eye-blinding lighting effects throughout the opening musical number, the show grabbed you.

Most of the reviews I read were negative, mostly comparing the musical with the movie and star Deborah Cox (excellent) with Houston. 

I looked on it as its own thing and tried not to make comparisons.

Thus, I pointed out the stupidity of this very security conscientious bodyguard taking his very famous subject to a karaoke club without any backup security, where not only was she there, somewhat incognito, but he encouraged her to sing, which caused a major fan riot and allowed her would-be attacker to try to grab her.  That was just dumb.

Also, I know that in a story like this the important thing is a love interest, but the switch from hate to "let's hop in bed" was so abrupt it didn't ring true, though the sexual tension between the two was much more interesting than the actual culmination itself.

Coming up is The Music Man, a musical version of The Donner Party, which should be interesting (I wondered if they are going to serve bbq for the opening night party) and we end with a matinee of Peter Pan. 

This makes up for the weeks just past where I did almost nothing (my paycheck from one of the newspapers was only $50!)


With their other grandpa ("Baba")


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