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6 April 2017

Out with the old and in with the ... uhhh .... older?

It's Caroline's last night here and I've asked her to strip her bed in the morning so we can wash and dry the sheets and get them back on the bed in preparation for Ashley and family to move in while we are gone. 

Doesn't seem possible that Caroline's time here is already over.  She wrote us a beautiful goodbye letter that whe printed on  the back of a drawing she had done, which is just gorgeous (I'm going to frame it)

She says birds are the only things she draws, but she obviously has a talent for them!

I watched her sitting at the table holding Polly tonight and marveled at how far she has come.

Polly doesn't bark at her any more.  She's the very first person who has been able to tame her.  Oh, Polly barks but it's her welcoming bark and her "feed me" bark, not the "you're a scary stranger" bark.  Ashley said she'd be jealous if Polly jumped in her lap...and that's the one thing she doesn't do, but she will let Caroline pick her up and doesn't tremble any more when she is holding her.  Caroline has worked long and hard making friends and it has worked.  I don't know if Polly will miss her, but Caroline will probably miss Polly more.  And of course, Lizzie loves everybody and Caroline has had a special relationship with her ever since she bathed her.

Last night she made eccles cakes.  These are small round pouches of puff pastry filled with a mixture of currants and spices and then baked.  They are small, but surprisingly filling.

She left four for Walt and me (one each for last night and one each for this morning) and took the rest to share with her friends at the vet school. I found the recipe on line and am going to make a batch to take to the nice neighbor who loaned Caroline a bike for her time here.

We had a nice farewell dinner tonight and then she went out for a final night on the town with her friends.  It's difficult to say goodbye and she has already warned that there will be tears tomorrow.  She won't be the only one.

I've told her she is welcome to return whenever she wants.  It's been a good 3 weeks.


I love my new shower curtain, which arrived today.

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