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3 April 2017

Our decision for today was between going to San Francisco again, or going to see the redwoods, which Caroline had also expressed inerest in.  However, over dinner last night, she admitted that what she would really do was to go on a hike up a hill to see a view.  Since Davis is in the flatlands, the only "hill" we have here is the overpass with the only "view" of the traffic on I-80.

So I turned to Facebook for suggestions.  What I thought I wrote, from my phone in the restaurant was:  "Davis folk--our guest would like to do an hour hike to maybe somewhere with a view. Any suggestions? All I can think of is the overpass."

However, damn that auto correct that I didn't check.  What actually posted was "Davis folk--our guest would like to do an hour hike to maybe somewhere with a. Jew. Any suggestions? All I can think of is the overpass." 

By the time I got home, my original message had so many smartass comments that I just left them:

Rob Byrnes Well... where do the Jews like to hike these days? (to which John Lindner repied Anywhere but the desert.
Renee Anderson My favorite movie is "A Room with A Jew"!
Ari Laura Kreith The walk from your house to my (Jewish) parents' house would probably be about right.
Sue Abdi Lincoln I spit my water. I know lots of Jews if that truly is the requirement.
Jen Kiernan Can't stop laughing.
Steve Isaacson Oy!
Tina Whittenburg Thurman Lmao, thank you Bev for this lil typo in your status because I needed this crazy laugh so badly, that no one would ever understand
Denise Hoffner Thought you were considering an outdoor Seder!
Kymm Zuckert I'm so so glad you didn't correct this post when you saw the error, because it's my new favourite. I want to hike for an hour to see a Jew!
Jan Scal Newman Still snorting over the hike with a Jew, I'm just now amused at the thought of a view in Davis
Lynne Conrad-Forrest well mt sinai is somewhere nearby every city it seems...maybe qe could burn some bushes...I would suggest point reyes or muir woods
Sarah Kutter Great way to start my day. When I saw your post I knew you would get some hilarious responses! Thank you, Thank yew-My contribution to spellchecker hell
Pauline Brock Jews really aren't the best hikers, but whatever!
Gayna Lamb-Bang That made me laugh out loud! Best typo ever!
John Dennis Kiernan  Overpass?  Did you mean Passover?
Susie Weintrub I have a lot of matzah you can take for the discerning hikers!!!
Steven Chaba  Whatever route you choose, make sure there's a place to stop for a little nosh, otherwise it'll nothing but kvetching the whole time.

While we were deciding what to do today, first there was Caroline's morning chat with Polly.

Caroline just keeps talking to her, and Polly's tail wags a mile a minute, but she still has that "I don't really trust you" look on her face.  I think Polly will miss her when she's gone.

Then we Skyped with Caroline's family.

The suggestion of Table Rock, outside Chico, was looking good, but Walt says it was a 2 hour drive to get there and he just didn't want to drive 4 hours so Caroline could hike for an hour.  We took Sue Abdi Lincoln's suggestion of Lake Berryessa, which is nearby and it was perfect.

It took us a while to find a trailhead, but the drive through all this green was marvelous!  It made me wish I could teleport my mother to the car while we were there already because she is so enamored by green things that she would love it--but not the long drive to get there.

I remember many years ago, when she still had all her marbles, when she pointed to a scene like this and remarked how amazing it was that there were so many different shades of green  We certainly saw that today!

We finally found the trailhead and parked the car.  Walt decided to hike with Caroline for a bit but when it got very steep, he (wisely, I think) decided to come back to the car.  I spent the time sitting in the car, finally finishing my book.  Caroline did the whole 5 miles and at the summit, she texted me, but since we had no service down in the valley, I didn't get her message until after we were driving home.

She was a happy camper.  She found her mountain, her hike and her beautiful view.  The weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect way to end her last day of touristing while in California.



At the trailhead

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