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20 Sept 2016

I was 30 minutes into a chat with a rep from when "Kimona" typed "I'm taking control of your mouse." Sounded like something ominous.  But it was a last gasp to fix what had gone wrong with the download function of my account.  No point in explaining the problem but s/he already had me try all sorts of stuff.  "Type this" and "type that" and "what does it say now?" (The interesting thing about the process was that the encounter started out with those canned phrases that they all do.  "Hello, I'm Kimona and I will help you.  Can you tell me your problem?" and then "I hear you saying that....." But the longer the suggested solutions proved unsuccessful the more personal our conversation became

S/he asked if s/he could take control of my machine.  I was thrilled.  Sure!  But even that didn't work.  Everything I was told to do, which I did faithfully, did not produce the expected result.  Finally I was asked which browser I was using and when I said Firefox, the suggestion was made to try it again with Chrome.

Bingo.  As oon as I booted up Chrome it wored like a charm.  That's when I lost control of my mouse, but as I watched things zip here and zip there and things being typed and screens changing, suddenly it was all back the way it was supposed to do.

"You've made my day!" I exclaimed to my new friend Kimona, and when the feedback form, I happily gave Kimona a very positive review.

That was the part of the day that I did for "me."

I overslept in the morning and saw it was 5 minutes to 9.   I leaped up, poued myself a cup of coffee (which Walt had prepared earlier) and was out on the road by 9:15.  There was a "mandatory meeting" at Sutter and I didn't want to be late (also they were having stuff for breakfast snacks which I didn't want to miss),

Given how close it was to the time of the meeting, I was surprised that there were two empty spots set aside for volunteers.

I rushed into the building and noted there was nobody at the information desk, confirmation that there was a meeting.  I went to the meeting room and was surprised to find the meeting already in progress since I was at least 10 minutes early.  Fortunately I looked in the window first.  No snacks.  No grey haired ladies, all "suits" and a speaker I didn't recognize.

I went to the gift shop and asked the volunteer here about the meeting.  She said that meeting is not until October. I couldn't believe I'd made that mistake.  In fact, the original date had been changed so I not only missed it the first tim,e but I missed it the second date as well.  The real date of the meeting is October 19.  This means I had the morning free! Yippee!

But in addition to all the stuff with Audible, the morning was spent on my mother ... three calls from Kaiser, two from her doctor's nurse and one from a woman, Lydia, who was going to help me see about switching doctors. 

By the time I finished all the phone calls, it was time to pick my mother up and take her in for an x-ray and blood work.  Poor dear just follows along blindly.  She didn't have a clue where we were going or what we were going to do.  She just sat when I told her to sit and went into exam rooms when I told her.

I checked the pharmacy and canceled her prescription, which her doctor's nurse had told me was the wrong one for her.

But then it got good. 

I went to the business office for 3 reasons.  The first was to get a hard copy of the power for me and her stepson.  I know there is a copy around here somewhere, but I don't have a clue where.  I've never needed it because it's in the Kaiser system, but I will need it on Wednesday, when I meet with the nurse from her long term care insurance company, who needs to see it.

No problem.  The woman ran off a copy of it for me right away.

Secondly, I had left a list of medications for her doctor to sign, so that I can turn her medication management over to Atria.  They had not called from the doctor's office, but I thought I'd take a chance and see if she had signed it yet.  Apparently she had not.  I was disappointed, but not really surprised.

The third thing was more complicated.  About 10 years ago, I started setting my mother up with her own email account at Kaiser.  At that time she had a doctor in an Rafael and I wanted to be able to communicate with her long distance.  Only I did something wrong and I could not access the account.  I tried everything.  I saw every person possible, up the line, all the way to the God of the Internet and nobody could help.  Once an account is started it can't be changed or deleted.  I finally gave up, which is how my mother ended up with the same doctor I have...I can write to MY doctor about her.

But when I was talking with Lydia, she told me that a lot had changed in the last 10 or so years and she thought I would have no trouble now. 

The woman in the business office agreed with me, sent me to the patient services office, which tped a couple ofthings and told me that I now had access to my mothers account.  I couldn't believe it.

I drove my mother home and dropped her off at Atra, still in pain and confused about where she was, but experience has shown that once she gets in the building, she can find her way to her apartment.

I came home and fell asleep, to be awakened about half an hour later by a call from her doctor, explaining the thing that made me angry with her over the weekend in the first place (so I've decided not to switch doctors after all). She also told me that the medicine for my mother was now at the pharmacy.  It was 5 p.m., they close at 6 and I got in the car immediately.

Traffic was horrible, but I did get there in time and picked up the medication.

I drove back to Atria and was surprised to find the apartment empty.  She had not been in the dining room or in either of the places where she usually sits so I didn't know where she was.  As I was a cutting pill in half, she came in the door and when I asked where she had been, she said she didn't know.

But I gave her a pill and sat to talk for a bit.  I had to laugh when she asked me, several times "what have you been doing today that was fun?"


We got this postcard today,  It's a big snake that hangs
from the ceiling of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts ....
It's all made out of children's backpacks!


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