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13 May 2016

It was a slow day at Logos.  I only made 2-1/2 of my normal 4 pages of notes.

Sandy and I had a nice, long chat before she left.  We discussed our respective mothers days, Alzheimers, and cDiff, an infection of the colon, which can be not only painful, but in the extreme life-threatening.  However, she was telling me that, much like you can try a bone marrow transplant for leukemia, replacing the bad bone marrow with good bone marrow, some scientists who study cDiff are trying what amounts to a "poop transplant," introducing a donor's good feces into the patent's infected colon and hope that the good cells will take over.  I was unaware that there is a "poop bank" in Sacramento.  You learn something every day!

My first customer was an Asian man who brought 4 books from the Literature section to buy.  When I rang up the total, he decided to put two of them back.  He had not realized he could find out the price by checking the first page of the book.

Then the first of two guys carrying skateboards came in.  He left his board and backpack at the desk while he wandered around and eventually bought two heavy tomes on business...and a 25 cent bag to carry them in.

The next customer wanted to find our Chicano section and I had to tell him we didn't have one.

A woman came in with a delightful dog named Bib.  He may have been a cockapoo, all black with a white bib around his neck.  He was very friendly and came up for lots of petting whenever his owner got near the desk.  At one point he was in the stacks not really paying attention to me, when I took a bite of an energy bar I had brought with me.  Bib's ears went straight up and his tail started wagging furiously.  I finished the bite without offering any to him and he went back to sitting with his owner until I took another bite and then he came to life again.  It was really kid of funny.

A stout Latino man in a suit and tie (very strange on a day when the temps were going to get into the low 90s) bought a copy of "True Grit."

A group of 4 came in, including one very tall middle aged man in shorts and a Panama hat, flip flops and sunglasses.  All four wandered around for a long time, but only the hatted one bought 2 bargain books before they left.

A woman bought a book I recognized as one I donated last week ("Stones from the River") and a book on bicycle repair.

My friend arrived at 4:15 and bought a book on Kabuki, but he ran into a friend, so they stood and talked for awhile before he left.  His friend was a grizzle-faced man with a baseball acp wearing wrinkled long tan-colored cargo pants that had been patched in front with a large blue denim patch.  He didn't buy anything.

A woman with rough, leathery dark tan skin, like someone who spends most of her time outdoors came in carrying a tall glass of what looked like ice water.  She checked cookbooks, but didn't buy anything.

The Antiquarian popped in.  He was in and out so quickly, I barely had time to say hello.  He just checked the old book section, saw nothing interesting, and left.

A guy came in thinking we were more than just a used book store.  He wanted to buy a package of envelopes.  I sent him elsewhere.

A guy bought 3 old-time sci fiction books.  Their covers reminded me of early David Gerrold books, though I didn't recognize the name of the author.

A couple came in.  The woman was wearing a raiders t-shirt.  She bought a book on Indian basket weaving.

The last customer of the day was a large women with a gorgeous salmon-colored lace skirt who commented that it was "nice and cool" in the store.  She bought four kids books, 3 of which were Wimpy Kid books.

Walt arrived at 6 and we headed on home.  We did not go dancing.

That's what my mother asks almost every time I visit her--if Walt and I are going out dancing.  I'm not sure where she gets that, except that she loved to dance and her husband (not my father) was a wonderful dancer and I guess they did go out dancing.  The idea of Walt and I going out to dance is laughable, but she can't seem to understand that.

I had lunch with her before I went to Logos.  She was in great spirits and very giddy, though she couldn't remember anything or comprehend most things.  I like it when she's happy like that, but it can be embarrassing to be out in public with her because she has complaints about everybody

That woman shouldn't be sitting where she is sitting because it's my mother's usual chair--and her butt is too big anyway.

That woman is talking too loudly and what is she talking about?

Another woman has a very nice looking blouse, but an ugly husband.

She pointed out her "boyfriend" who ignored her, which isn't surprising because he's 98, profoundly deaf and has macular degeneration, so he neither saw her nor heard her.  But I watch her when he sits at the table with us and she fusses over him like she used to fuss over her husband (whom she doesn't talk about much any more).  She simply needs a man to fuss over.  When we went for our mothers day dinner, it was Ned she fussed over, so the age of the man doesn't seem to matter.  Just any good looking man who strikes her fancy.

But despite her observations of the world around her, it was nice that she was in giddy spirits.  She's more fun that way.


Ahh...the crazy days of our youth. 
Walt was Tiny Tim...I'm not sure WHO I was


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