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11 March 2016

This may have been the slowest day I have ever had at Logos.  When I got there, Sandy had had only 4 customers.  But she's back (yay!) and we spent 45 minutes chatting about her vacation, elephants, and politics (the elephant kind).  We decided that the best thing about her month-long vacation was being away from most of the political stuff.

She finally started to leave and the FIRST customer since I'd arrived came in.  I normally take 4 pages of notes for this entry (sometimes 5) but I only filled 1-1/2 today.

The the first guy bought a copy of a science fiction book called "2315"  I asked him if this was the new 1984.  He did give me a (very small) smile.

A woman came in looking for books for children in Spanish, but didn't find what she was looking for.  She did buy a cute toddler-type book called "I'm the big sister."

It was 3:30 when my friend came in.  This is notable for a couple of things.  One is that he usually doesn't come until after 4 (sometimes not until 5), but most importantly because he was onhy the third customer I'd recorded!  He came in to pick up te books on Japan that he had me set aside for him last week.  It's 7 books of a 12-book set and he's hoping Peter can find volues 8-12.

It was raining pretty good when he left, but he came prepared with a water-proof bag to put his new books into.

Two women came in.  I am guessing a mom and her adult daughter.  The daughter was looking for books on California history and bought two of them, one by my friend Ruth Chambers, who wrote "The Weight of Gold: 1849 Gold Rush, California."  First time I've sold a book by someone I know (except for the time my friend bought MY book!)

A couple were looking f or books in Spanish.  He looked an awful lot like Javier Bardem.  He spoke perfect, unaccented English, but she spoke no English and was happy to find a Spanish novel.  He said she was tired of having nothing to read.

A handsome jock bought a copy of one of those showy books (fancy binding) of "Tale of Two Cities."

Eliza passed by the bargain books, a hooded raincoat covering her multi layers of clothes.  He baby was still asleep on her chest.  But she didn't come in.

After she left, I brought one of the bargain books carts inside because I was afraid the books would get wet.

An older woman with white curly hair, dressed in a hooded blue raincoat with purple crocs.  She walks with a walking stick and when she was in the book aisle right opposite my desk, she let out a huge fart.  I'm sure she was mortified, so I pretended I didn't notice.

And that was about it.  Susan relieved me early (5:30) so I could get home before Char and Dana got there.  Then as it turned out they got bogged down in rush hour traffic and rain and we were afraid they would be late, so we decided to meet them at the theater.  We were afraid they would miss the start of the show, and I had to be there for the start of the show, so Walt dropped me off, the plan to go park the car, return to the theater, get the 3 tickets for himself, Char and Dana and then meet me inside, whenever they got there.  He felt he would miss a bit of the show.  But by the tme he came to get tickets, he was talking on the phone to Char and they were there (I swear they must have flown) so they didn't miss the overture after all.

And such a fun show.  I'm so glad I had the chance to see it.  It will be a fun review to write.



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