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1 March 2016

Today we went to the celebration of Richard's life.  It was held at the Chabot Science Center, where his son Eric works.  The center is closed on Monday, so we had the run of the place.  When we entered there was a table of memorabilia

There was a place where you could pick up your own nose and glasses.

Char had brought a vat of clam dip and everybody hovered.

After we had mulled around for awhile, we went into the big theater where the program began.  Eric said that as a chemistry teacher, Richard always liked to create noises, so he and his wife Nan thought we should start the program with a bang.

There were several speakers, including these three.

Richard's older brother, on the left, reminisced about the two of them growing up in Wisconsin  Darian, who was Eric's life-long friend sang a Bob Dylan song with a verse added about Richard, and Char gave a nice summary of some of the silly things we had all done together over the years.

There was a ton of food and then we assembled out on the patio to take a grand group nose-and-glasses picture.

For those over 18, Char shared the photos of Richard's 50th birthday party, where the whole nose and glasses thing began.  Everybody at that party wore nose and glasses including Richard's 82 year old mother and Brandy, the stripper.

We enjoyed visiting with people we hadn't seen in awhile and getting caught up on the lives of our "family" (Char's kids, Eric, etc.).  When we left, we brought home two little tomato plants which I hope will grow.  Richard loved growing tomatoes.

All things considered, it was a very nice memorial.  When Walt went to put the program from the memorial in his suit pocket, he found the program from Arthur's memorial a week or so ago.  I told him to keep both in his suit pocket and he could add the program from Martha's memorial next weekend!


Our big family many years ago

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