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12 July 2016

I've had a 2 day Atria vacation, but went back today  But I didn't go until the afternoon.  I've spent the 2 days doing a little more sorting, throwing out, and putting back into my office  Slowly a dent is being made in the living room.  I have to get it finished or I will never see the grandchldren again. I can't ask a dog sitter, even Ashley, to be in the house the way it is now.  As it is, Ashley is so close to her due date that she may want to fumigate this house before she ever brings her baby here.  (But he could sleep in the office.  THAT, at least, is relatively orderly!)

The other thing I've been doing on my mini vacation is meeting pocket letter deadlines. I was late on 3 of them, and got two finishedand mailed off.  This one was part 3 of an A-Z challenge. The pockets for this one were supposed to represent the letters S through Z.

I was thrilled to find the little quote from "The Velveteen Rabbit," one of my favorite books, for "V".  And of course, the Yellow Brick Road was a natural for "Y"

The other page I finished was called "Daily Chores" or something like that.  The top row was supposed to represent your job, the middle row your daily life, and the bottom row your hobbies or interests.

The lower left says "avid reader" and the lower right is for photograhy.  One more to finish tomorrow, about my home state, but I have ample supplies to get that one done.

I did go to Atria and found my mother sitting out by the Dining Room.  She asked her usual question--what I'd been doing that was exciting.  I told her I was trying to arrange a luncheon for several girls from my grammar school days.  She wsa non responsive.  I don't think she knew who I was talking about. All she said was "I'll have to see how I feel.  I don't feel well today."  She was relieved when I told her she was not invited, so she didn't have to worry.

Then I told her about the sad news about her friend Jeff, from whom I received an email today,  She used to work with Jeff at Hospice of Marin and though she seems to have no memory of her female friends there, when I mentioned hearing from Jeff a few weeks ago, she instantly brightened and said of course she remembers Jeff and that the two of them had great fun together.

But today I learned that he has been diagnosed with liver cancer and is about to undergo chemotherapy. He would like to see my mother and I told him when he was up to it either we could go there, or he could come up here, whichever worked best for him

I told her what I had learned and she didn't remember him.  When I gave her enough information she said oh yes, she remembered, but I'm not convinced that she did.  And the news of his cancer elicited the response "Well, life goes on..."  It bothers me so much that she has lost her ability to feel any emotional response to news, good or bad.

She really didn't feel well today. She said all her insides feel like they are shaking and when I left her to try to find some of the non-existent coffee that Atria never has any more, I came back to find her bent over with her head in her hands. Not knowing where she is or what she is supposed to be doing (which has been her daily problem for the past three years) is driving her crazy, and I just don't know how to help her.  She can't remember an explanation of where she is and if you give her a chors to do, she doesn't want to do it, she just sits there wondering what she is supposed to do.

Walt and I did not go hoopty do-ing, or dancing tonight, just had our Blue Apron meal, which was quite tasty, and off to retire for the evening.  Tomorrow back to Atra to make sure she gets up for her scheduled TB test (she was going to refuse to go until I told her it was there at Atria, that she would not have to leave the building and that I would g o with her), then on Wednesday I'm back again to take her to her hair appointment there at Atria.  She's not all that thrilled about that either, but her hair is getting long and stringy and desperately needs cutting.  I have reassured her many times that I will be there to take her to the appointment and to bring her back to her apartment afterwards.



The latest thing driving the internet crazy:
A woman dropped her cell phone on her rug. Can you see where it landed?
After a long time looking, someone had to tell me where it was.  Now I can't NOT see it.
But without the hint, I think I would still be hunting


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