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27 January 2016

Here are some odd thoughts -- the things that keep me awake at night:

** If I want to visit the midwest, why do I have to travel east?

** Who decided that if you put something as vile-tasting as a raw olive in poison like lye, you could get something delicious enough to serve at Thanksgiving dinner?

** Where is it written that vomiting must be into a toilet? Why not a sink, which is decidedly more pleasant to lean over (and easier to clean!)

** What is it with menís suits? They sit down and unbutton the coat, they stand up and button the coat, they sit back down again and unbutton the coat. Talk show hosts are the perfect example. They must button and unbutton a dozen times a show. Is it so unacceptable for a man to stand for 10 seconds with a coat unbuttoned?

** What were things better than before there was sliced bread?

** How does Spiderman eat without a mouth?

** Why do Adam and Eve have belly buttons in artwork?

** Why do most politicians run on a platform that includes improving education, yet when budget time comes around, schools are the first budgets to get cut?

Why do so many people believe they should never be responsible for their own actions?  In all the Liberty Insurance commercials, people are complaining that if, for example, they buy a new car and then run it into a tree, their insurance should cover the entire cost of replacement of the car.

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

What kinds of questions keep you up at night?


Some of the Scott family, about 1947 in Inverness, CA
That's me with the baby (my sister) in my lap sitting in front
of my parents.  Peach is to my right, holdin the dog; her younger sister is to my left.
My cousin Kathy is the cute little kid on the far left of the photo with her mother.
All but 4 of these people are dead now!!!


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