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22 January 2016

On the whole it was a relatively quiet day today.  The first customer was the guy who reminds me of Pete Seeger (with a longer beard).  He looked through the art books, then asked where he could find books on Socioogy and ended up buying "The Ecology of Running Waters."

A garrolous woman came in with her husband.  She was looking for books by Bruce Alexander, who writes John Fielding mysteries.  She went on to tell me that Fielding was a real person living in the mid 1700s.  He was the brother of Henry Fielding and a blind social reformer, the founder of London's Bow Street Runners.  He also established the basis for the first criminals records department.

She didn't find any of Alexander's books, but her husband bought two books from our Literature section.

The next customer who came in was a young woman who makes me realize why I do not wear jeans, especially tight ones.

A woman bought "Shoes of the Fisherman."  I remember reading that sometime in high school, I believe, in the years when I was reading religion-related novels.

Bruce passed by the bargain books, but did not come into the store.  I haven't seen him inside the store in a long time.

Peter's friend, who usually brings a box of books when I'm working (and possibly other days as well) showed up with his usual box of donations.

A pregnant girl and her male companion (no rings.  Married?) browsed for a very long time, hand in hand, until he finally bought "the Bicycle Companion."

A middle aged woman who wandered around for a short time before leaving, left a cloud of perfume behind as she passed by the desk, reminding me again why I don't wear perfume.

An older man in a red jacket with a black stripe was wearing red shoes with a black stripe.  He didn't buy anything, but I thought his coordinated ensemble was interesting.  He had a list in his hand as he checked the shelves and obviously didn't find what he was looking for.

A man sat at the front table with a book for about 3 minutes and then came and bought it.  It was a coffee table-type book of black and white photographs.

A tall young man with the bored carriage of the very wealthy Windsor Horn Lockwood III (from Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar books) strolled in, looking down his nose at everything.  I didn't see him leave.

My friend arrived around 4:30.  I had not seen him in several weeks and he said he had been busy "lighting shows in Sacramento."  He bought 3 bargain books (all Robert Parker mysteries) and two books of comic art. It was good to see him again.

The next woman bought a book titled "Fat" from the cookbook section.  I was sorry I hadn't seen it because the title was so intriguing, I had to check it out on Amazon.  "For all of history, minus the last thirty years, fat has been at the center of human diets and cultures. When scientists theorized a link between saturated fat and heart disease, industry, media, and government joined forces to label fat a greasy killer, best avoided. But according to Jennifer McLagan, not only is our fat phobia overwrought, it also hasn’t benefited us in any way. Instead it has driven us into the arms of trans fats and refined carbohydrates, and fostered punitive, dreary attitudes toward food–that wellspring of life and pleasure."  Sorry I didn't have a chance to look through it--especially at the recipes!  (I'm always up for a good fat-laden recipe)

That customer was with a guy who, in his knit cap, reminded me of Matt Lauer on a cold New York morning.  He bought a book of piano music.

My last customer was looking for books by Janet Evanovich for his wife, who was looking at the books outside.  I thought I had seen on on the bargain shelves, but couldn't find any, though I did recommend the "Cat Who..." books when she indicated an interest in them.

I was looking forward to taking the bus home from Logos tonight (Walt had the car in San Francisco) because it would give me ~30 minutes to listen to my audio book. I got to the bus stop so late the bus was arriving and in the rush of getting on, I couldn't find my bus pass. The bus was full and the driver (who certainly could see I was not only a senior citizen, but handicapped too) sat and waited until I found it while everyone in the bus glared at me Then she drove off...and we were halfway home before I realized I had left my thermal lunch bag on the bench. I also had left my house key at home, so had to break into the back yard but the gate wouldn't open and the dogs were leaping at me the whole time. I finally got in the house and had to feed the dogs IMMEDIATELY and as soon as I sat down to look at the mail, the phone rang with a robo call about solar heating.

At least it didn't rain.


One more from Jamaica


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