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18 January 2016

It comes as a surprise to no one that one of the most recognized health problems in America is obesity.  I am a prime example.  But I don't know if you have noticed or not, every time the Health Department comes out with some dire prediction about what health risks come along with fat and start touting a diet of kale juice an celery sticks, the big fast food joints come out with a new better, bigger, fattier version of their basic burgers.  If a double burger isn't enough, how about a triple and then supersize it with large fries and a gallon of coke.

If I have any redeeming fast food qualities at all it's that I can't eat a lot of food any more, don't like sauce at all, so my standard order would be a regular cheeseburger, plain, small fries, and I'll wash it down with the bottled water in the car.

But I came across a show today called The Tastiest Places to Chow Down on the Travel Channel  It was mind blowingly appalling, even for someone who likes food.  I took notes on a few of the more unbelievable joints.

Start with Juan in a Million in Austin Texas, which serves the Don Juan burrito as its specialty.  This is one whole potato, 2 eggs and bacon piled on a tortilla and covered with cheese to finish.

The record is 7 Don Juans at one sitting.

Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio has a pizza so big it is "heavier than a small child."  It's 3-1/2 feet wide and weighs 30 lbs.  They had to build a special oven to cook it in.  It takes a quart of sauce, 6 pounds of mozarrella, then all the usual toppings--pepperoni, sausage bacon, olives, peppers, etc, then top with another 6 lbs of mozarella and bake.

The Country Pancake House in Ridgewood, New Jersey serves 9 egg omelettes, French toast the size of shoe boxes and huge flapjacks, six times the size of a normal pancake (regular serving = 2 per person)

Steak & Main in Baltimore issues a Great Steak Challenge, which consists of multiple cuts of beef from all different parts of the cow, totaling a whopping 76 ounces of beef, plus 1 pound of sides.  You must finish everything in one hour.  If you complete it, the meal is free.  If you don't, you owe the restaurant $140.

Cecilia's Cafe in Albuquerque serves a 10 lb "Fireman's Burrito" with 4-1/2 lbs of pork, beans, bacon, and cheese.

The Big Jud burger at Big Jud's in Boise starts with two frisbee sized 1 lb patties, with swiss cheese, bacon and mushrooms on the biggest hamburger bun I've ever seen.

Sodolak's Country Inn in Snook, Tx has created battered, deep fried bacon.  Each serving is six strips of the fried bacon with a creamy gravy.

If you can eat an original Manuel’s Special burrito at El Tepeyak in Los Angeles on your own—you have one hour in which to complete this task—you score a free “I Ate the Whole Thing T-Shirt.”

There are five burger challenges at the Eagle Deli in Boston, everything from the Nick Lachey Burger (1 1/2lbs of burger, 6pcs of swiss cheese, 6pcs of bacon, 1/2lbs of fries, and a fountain soda. $16.99) on up through the Cowabunga burger, the Reilly Burger, and the Paul Jones Burger to the Eagle's Challenge, which is 5 lbs of burger, 20 pcs of bacon, 20 pcs of American cheese, 5lbs of fries, 1 deli pickle, and a fountain soda. $59.99

These are only nine of the top 100 restaurants in this country.  Is it any wonder that we have an obesity problem?


Anybody remember Mrs. Joy Boy?


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