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15 January 2016

Here's another reason I love working at Logos.  Not only have they delivered $250,000 to Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children ever since the store opened, but this sign popped up on the front window this week.  These are truly good people.

Sandy was there when I arrived but left quickly as a customer approached the desk, on the phone talking with his girlfriend.  As he left James Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" on the desk, he tells me he's an English major and he looks forward to summer when he can read what he wants and says he leans toward Sci Fi, but that he "tries to read something that will make his professor happy."

While I was ringing him up, a guy came in with a book, said "I'm late for my train.  This book is $6. Here's $7.  Keep the change"  I never got a chance to even see what the book was (but apparently what he gave us was .49).

A man bought a vegetarian cookbook and a French novel ("Mr. Mozart").  He had one of the new chip credit cards, but our machine would not read it, so I had to swipe.  When I did, I noticed that he had the same name as the son of a friend of mine...but he looks much too old to be that guy.

A group of 5 young women came in.  One of them had bright green hair and she said she was looking for a book of poetry in Latin.  When I said I didn't think we had one, she managed to find a book called "Latin Literature of the Empire," written in Latin.

A girl rushed in with 3 travel books to donate.  They were ice cold when she took them out of her bag, which told me what the temperature was outside.  The books were on Prague, Vienna and London and I smugly noted to myself that I had been to all three places.

A woman wanted to know how much longer our current art display will be up.  It's fairly new and will be on display through March.

Shortly after she left, another woman came in to mention how much she enjoyed the exhibit, and that it was her favorite of all the displays that the store has had.

This is a display of drawings by artist Margaret Eldred who has drawn pen and ink pictures of trees around California.

Eldred is a family name from Walt's father, back in England.  I wonder if they are distant cousins!

I looked outside and it was raining hard.  My mother has mentioned many times how much she misses watching rain, so I called her to tell her to look out the window, but she didn't answer her phone.

A guy bought "The Psychological Study of Jesus." He was wearing a strange backpack which had pouches on either side of his back instead of in the middle of the back.  Looked like saddlebags.

Another guy was looking for the "finance section" but had to repeat it for me three times because I thought he was saying he was looking for the violence section.  I gotta stop watching Criminal Minds and NCIS.

When I rang him up, it used up the last of the tape in the cash register.  Oddly, it had given me no hint (like a red line) that it was running out, so I was working blind in trying to remember how to put the new tape in.  I usually just look at how the previous one is wound.  But thanks to the manual for the machine, I finally got it loaded properly.

Two young women were looking for Harry Potter books and I directed them to the children's room.  There were shrill shrieks of delight, so I figured they were successful.  One girl practically had hot flashes when she discovered that each of the 3 books she bought was only $6.  She kept gulping for air and fanning herself.  After she bought the books, she went back into the room, bought 4 books of the Babysitters Club series, "Little House on the Prairie," and one other young adult fiction from her childhood.

A tall older guy wearing a green jacket and a green knit cap, and carrying a cup of coffee came in.  After looking around the store, he bought two spiritual books, one on Daily Meditations, and one on Native American spiritualism.

Around 5, Walt came in on his way to the pub.  He was distributing posters for the upcoming Citizens Who Care concert. He's the publicist and this is his busy time of the year (this and the beer tasting, which is held in the fall).

The last customer of the day was ... ME.    When I put the poster up for Walt, I saw an autobiography of Judi Dench on display at the front table, and I had to have that.  The last 2 hours of the day were pretty slow, but it gave me a chance to read the book I'd brought, which I should finish soon and must write about when I do.


Bonfire, last night in Jamaica

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