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12 January 2016

Actually, pretty much every day in Davis is Turkey Time. 

It is not uncommon to find flocks of wild turkeys roaming around the yards of Davis at any time, especially around the houses close to the cemetery.

The turkey situation is a relatively new thing--within the last 10 years or so.  It used to be that the cemetery grounds had an extension cut off by bushes where people used to walk their dogs.  (When more people die and they need the extra room it will become a cemetery extension, but that will not be during my lifetime.) Turkeys liked to go there, but the dogs generally chased them off. 

But then, as such things happen in Davis, there was a big brouhaha when a couple of people felt that having dogs possibly walk across their loved ones' graves on the way back to the parking lot where their owners' cars were parked was a sacrilege.  There was a big heated discussion held at the cemetery offices.  It was one of the few city meetings I have attended, and the only one at which I stood up and gave my opinion.  I said that if my sons, who were buried in the cemetery, knew that dogs were walking on their graves, it would make them very happy.

I was thinking of the Christmas after David died, when we went to the cemetery in a group, including our then-dog, Toby.  We stood around Dave's grave, drank Jim Beam, poured some on his headstone, and wished him a merry Christmas.  It was something we continued for maybe five years (though we only took Toby the first time).

But ultimately the pro-dog people were outvoted by the no-dog people and now you can't bring dogs onto the cemetery grounds. 

With no dogs to chase them away, the turkey population has exploded.  I have seen flocks of 20 or so turkeys walking all over those precious gravesites that people didn't want dogs near. 

They don't come over to our side of town much, but Walt did see a flock on our roof one day, which was a surprise because somehow I don't think of turkeys actually flying, even though they have big wings.

The group of turkeys I saw today were hanging out with this bird:

I hope someone wll let me know what it is because I thought it was a greebe, but see from Google photos that it is not.  I know I've seen them often, but don't have a clue what it is.

I wonder if anybody in Davis has ever tried to catch and eat one of our turkeys...


I'm not sure if Lizzie is sleeping in my bed, or if I sleep in hers.


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