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9 January 2016

Today was another doctor day for my mother.  This time she was supposed to have a diabetic retinopathy screening, to make sure there was no diabetes lurking in her eyes.  It was impossible to explain to her where we were going or what we were going to do.  Fortunately, she followed docilely and didn't give me any argument.

Fortunately her doctor is a young male and she is at her most charming around men of any age, so she offered no argument about anything.

He put drops in her eyes and told her she needed to wait 15-30 minutes in the waiting room.  I explained to her what was happening and at about 10 minutes she got very frightened because her vision was blurry.  I explained the drops again and why he did it and that it was going to take a couple of hours for her pupils to return to their normal size and then a few minutes later she was afraid again because her vision was blurry.

Her eyes are fine and I made sure she had doctor-given sun glasses to go out into the sun, but of course they make her look "different" so she didn't like wearing them until she got into the sun which blinded her, so she put them on.  In the car, though, she took them off because her vision was blurry and she felt her glasses would fix it.  Sigh.  I just let her do what she wanted.  It was easier.

When I dropped her off, she asked if she was going to see me tomorrow.  I told her no because we were going to a brunch in the morning and I was reviewing a show later.  She pouted because that meant she wouldn't see me until Sunday...a whole day.  When I asked if she expected me to come every day, she said yes, she did because she gets lonely.  I told her that if she got lonely she could leave her apartment and go out into the lobby and sit with people there.  She said she didn't get that lonely.

Dinner tonight was vegetarian Calzone, filled with kale, mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta.  Definitely yummy, though I could only finish half of one.  There is another one (the recipe made 3) for tomorrow.  Also a lot of leftover filling, which I will try to do something creative with.  Another Blue Apron winner.

The show tonight was The Producers at the local community theater.  Wonderful performers, every one very strong in his or her role.  I just wish the company had more money so their sets could match the caliber of the performances.

I do two more shows this weekend, both in Sacramento and perhaps dinner with my mother and Ned on Sunday. And with all that, I'm trying to finish the book I'm reading, "The Gravity of Birds," by Tracy Guzeman.  This is a book club book and it's wonderful.  As I write this it is 1 a.m. and I plan to read for at least another hour before I call it a day and head off to sleep.

A busy weekend.


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