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28 February 2016

Okay, here we go. How are ya today?
Just fine, thank you.  How are YOU?

Have you ever been so happy you felt invincible?
Heck no.

Would you ever refer to something as ‘bitter sweet’?
Sure.  Chocolate, for one.  Some goodbyes, for another example.

Is there a person in this world you don’t think you could ever figure out?
When was the last time you were freaked out?
Any time I think about the possibility of a President Trump.

Do you learn from ‘every’ mistake you make?
Sadly, no.  I seem to keep making the same mistake(s) over and over again.

Do you sometimes think that you’re too nice?
I think I'm average nice.

Is there something you’re dying to tell someone?
I'll never tell...

Do you think you have a unique name?
Beverly?  No.  My children Jerilyn and Ned, yes!

Do you usually try to find the good in people?

Do you look back on embarrassing moments and laugh about them?
I wish I could.  I still blush about things that happened when I was a young child.

Have you ever laughed just to save yourself from humiliation?
Yes, but it's all for show.  I'm really dying inside.

What are you doing in 2 hours?
Writing a review of the show we saw last night (Man of La Mancha).

What is the last thing you ate?
Yogurt with crackers and peanut butter

Do you love your job?
Sure.  I'm retired.  Pay sucks, but the hours are great.

Who is the last person you texted?
My daughter.

When is the last time you were in a hospital?
As a patient, in 1972, when I gave birth to my last child.  Just "in" a hospital a couple of weeks ago, on my last volunteer day at the information desk.

The last time you went out to eat, what did you order?
We went out to our Mexican daughter's restaurant last week and I had my favorite -- punjabi pizza.

Do you tend to have a lot of those moments where you forget something that you wanted to say?
Oh lord yes.  More the older I get.  But then dementia runs in my family, so it's not surprising.

How long have you known the last person you text messaged?
Since the moment of her conception.

Will this week be a good one?
Memorial service for a wonderful friend, no.  Surgery for the dog, no.  The rest looks OK.

Anything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy?
Well, two very good friends died, we attended a memorial service for another good friend who died in late January, I turned 73, the dog tore her ACL, and the current political circus is making me crazy.  I guess the one thing that made me really happy was having lunch with our Brasilian daughter, whom we had not seen in several months.

Have you been to New York City?
Several times.  I do not like NYC.  Too noisy, too busy, and too expensive.


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