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16 February 2016

I rarely get personal e-mail any more (which makes me sad) but boy do bells and whistles go off when there is some political issue of import.

I have two e-mail accounts and gradually I am shifting the political ones over to gmail, but I still get some on my regular account, which I prefer to use for personal email and theater email (of which there is a sizeable amount surprisingly.

Since the death of Scalia the nutcases are out in force. 

Did Leonard Nimoy Have Antonin Scalia Killed to Give Obama Enough Supreme Court Votes to Cancel the 2016 Election?

screams one headline.  Seems Nimoy faked his own death and is now the head of the Illuminati.

“Illuminati supporters such as gun control activists, marijuana propagandists and the recruiters of sodomy are likely to immediately benefit from the Justice’s death,” Billings reports. “They will now have more room to promote their disturbing agendas on a national legal front."

“With his shocking assassination, a new wave of perversion may be unleashed,” he continues, predicting the rise of “polygamy, illegal aliens, nudism and marijuana abuse” along with the conspiracy staple of a third presidential term for Obama.

I know there are folks out there who believe this rubbish and that is very scary...those are the ones who will definitely vote, making the need for all sane people to get to the polls this November even more important.

But it's not only the nutcases, the death of Scalia and the stupid decision by Mitch McConnell to refuse to even consider any Obama appointee has caused my gmail to explode.  I have had a couple dozen people who want me to sign petitions and then send them money.  There are others who just want money (the usual $1 or $3 or $5...or you can send more if you want.  My contribution, I am told, can make all the difference one way or the other),

I wonder how successful those pleas are.  MY reaction is that when inundated, I just delete them all.  I have signed a couple of petitions expressing disgust with the Republicans in Congress and telling them to stop futzing around and do their damn job, like their beloved leader, the Sainted Ronald Reagan instructed them back in 1988

I'm sure that my signature on such a petition will strike fear and terror into their hearts and they will immediately confirm whichever candidate President Obama puts forth.  It's nice to know I have such power ... and I don't even know Leonard Nimoy alive or dead


This has nothing to do with Scalia's death, but I thought it was very funny.


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