Seven Days of Meals


Day 1:  I went for a drive and ended up at the Putah Creek Cafe,
15 miles from our house.  I could not resist their tempting
French Toast (that's whipped cream on top)

Day 2:  Before a show we were seeing, we went to a local
restaurant.  That's a crab cake with hollandaise sauce
along with fried egg and potatoes.  Delicious!

Day 3:  I went to Greens Restaurant in San Francisco with some women that
I had known in grammar school -- two of them I had not seen in 60 years.
Greens is a vegetarian restaurant with the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge
in the City.  I had this delicious squash pizza with pesto.

Day 4:  We get three Blue Apron meals a week, which I then cook.
This dinner was pork chops with a plum salsa on a bed of faro with kale and corn
It was delicious!
I finally found a way I like kale!

Day 5:  I wasn't really hungry at dinnertime,
so I just had a light snack of crackers and cheese

Day 6:  This lunch is leftover Tzimmes, a carrot dish
I had made for a pot luck earlier in the week.

Day 7:  We were driving home after a matinee at the theater
and passed a restaurant named MahJong, so decided to have dinner.
On the left is beef chow fun, on the right lemon chicken...
and the fortune in my cookie!