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31 August 2016

When I checked Facebook first thing this morning this was what I discovered

Then I read that Trump was holding a big rally in Edmonds, Washington today.

Coincidence?  I think not.  The antichrist is "a term to describe someone who is very vulgar, crude, or rebellious."

I'll leave it up to you. 

But it's August 31 now, so I guess we missed the Big Reveal after all.  I was having too much fun watching Henry Winkler, Bill Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, and George Foreman cavort around Kyoto and Hong Kong on Better Late than Never, which is a very funny show.

But...hey!  There is great news here on the home front.

We have some vertical blinds!  Walt worked his little tush off all day today installing the blinds here in my office.  He went up and down that ladder so many times that he was sore by the end of the day.

I can hardly wait for it to be morning so I can see how the light filters through them!

The problem with having a blank window is that especially in the morning, the sun shines right in here and onto my computer screen, which is annoying.  Before Ned changed the office, I had a shade that covered the window and I just never raised it (because (a) there was so much crap in front of it I couldn't get to it and (b) it was broken anyway and would not longer go up or down), so it was always dark in here.  Now I will have control over how much light to let in.  It's a whole new world.

I went to Atria today to deliver the food I'd bought for my mother.  I have started trying to keep her kitchen filled with almost but not quite nutritious food that I know she will actually eat if she doesn't get to the dining room.  Things like oatmeal cookies, crackers, cashews and, of course, ice cream.  She will always eat ice cream!

She was fine today, except for feeling "terrible" but then she always feels terrible.  She told me she hates people who complain all the time and she hopes she doesn't complain all the time.  She does, but I'm not going to tell her that!

Mostly, though, once she got past feeling terrible, she was just silly.  Talking about things that made little sense and laughing a lot.

The phone rang while I was there and I could not tell from what she was saying who was on the other end of the line.  At one point she mentioned seeing the person for lunch tomorrow.  I interrupted and said "who will you be seeing tomorrow, so I can put it on your calendar" (which she never checks).  She turned to the phone and said "Bev wants to know what name she should put on my calendar" and then told me it was Ed (her stepson).

It was a good thing I got that information because the second she hung up the phone she asked "who was that?" and when I told her it was Ed, she said "Ed?  Who's Ed?"

But he passed along the message to me that I could have tomorrow off, which I am thrilled about.  I don't have to either try to find something to interest her, or sit there and listen to how terrible she feels...or feel guilty for staying home.  It will be a nice day.

And best of all....MY OFFICE HAS NEW BLINDS!!!!!



Doesn't that look beautiful?


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