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24 August 2016

But first ... Shortly after Jeri and Phil left for Tahoe yesterday, I got a text from her telling me they had left a bag of peaches in the outside refrigerator an for us to enjoy them.

We did.

I am becoming a big fan of puff pastry!

However, that doesn't explain T.T.T.

Several years ago, during the Bush Administration, my friends Joan and Nancy and I -- and a couple of other women -- would get together periodically for lunch and it always turned into a Bush Bashing session.  In fact, we decided to call ourselves the Bush Bashing Babes (I think) and started planning Bush Bashing luncheons because they were so much fun and we could let off a lot of steam that way.

Obama hasn't been terribly good fodder for bashing, so our group has kind of lapsed in the past 8 years.  Oh we still have lunch together from time to time, but have nothing whatever to grumble at...which is kind of nice, when you think of it.

Today we were having lunch to say goodbye to our friend Grainne, who was about to return to Ireland.  Grainne is here so often, I sometimes forget that she has returned to Ireland because within a few months she will be back.  She comes and house sits for friends when they go on vacation.

She has friends all over Davis and there is even a bench in Central Park dedicated to her.

So there were six of us gathered together to say goodbye yet again to Grainne (she will be back in two months).

We had a lovely lunch.  My patty melt, on marble rye bread was really impressive.

We had been eating and chatting and enjoying ourselves when Nancy suddenly said "Hey! We haven't even talked politics yet."

Well, you can imagine what erupted.  So much Trump Trashing that we decided we can now refer to it as "Trump Trashing Time."

We did a lot of talking and laughing and expressing ire and amazement at some of the things that come out of that man's mouth.  Grainne shared the opinion of the Irish regarding the Orange One (they think he's an idiot).

We were still in the midst of Trump Trashing when a woman came over and said she had been watching us and trying to decide what we were talking about, because we were having such a good time, but she couldn't hear what we were saying so she finally decided to come and ask.

I told her we were talking about Donald Trump.  In some of these upscale retirement communities, you do feel a little uncomfortable saying that because you never know when you are talking with a dyed in the wool republican, but she said she wished she'd known what we were talking about because she had a lot to offer herself.

Shortly after that, we broke up and headed home.  I walked with Grainne and our friend Pat, freshly out of the hospital following a minor stroke, and we said our goodbyes.

It wasn't long after I got home that I got an e-mail from Nancy with another Trump article and the suggestion that we not wait until Grainne returns, but we needed to get together in another month for another Trump Trashing Time.  Somehow it just, temporarily eases the depression over the possibility that Trump could be elected...and the even more depressing thing about how many truly ugly people this campaign has brought out of the woodwork, people who have hidden their prejudices for decades in their homes, but now Trump has given them the courage to dust off their pointed hats or hate filled signs an parade them on Main street, whooping and hollering about what they will do to African Americans (they don't call them that, of course) when Trump is elected.

And whichever way the election turns out, I suspect they aren't going back into hiding again real soon.

I wonder how the general citizenry of Rome felt as the Roman empire was falling....

But there are still truly wonderful things in the world and the production we saw tonight of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is certainly up there with them.  I haven't written my review yet, but I suspect it will be full of so many superlatives someone will think they paid me to publicize the show.  From the magnificent set to the augmented chorus that positively filled the theater to the cast, especially John McGinty, a deaf actor playing Quasimodo who was incredible.  He can speak but not sing and his on stage singing voice Jim Hogan worked seamlessly with him so that when Quasimodo needed a singing voice (or a speaking voice for longer speeches) Hogan was there to unobtrusively provide that voice for him

The the whole production was absolutely fantastic.  Music Circus is one of only three theaters in the country which Disney has licensed to do this show...and they certainly did the company proud!



Esmerelda in Notre Dame
(bear in mind that this is a theater in the round...and they still got the stained glass window in there)


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