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21 Apr 2016

Today was an example of what people do when they get to a certain age.

It was the night that Walt spends with our housebound friend, to relieve his wife so she can go out to a meeting.  The friend had a stroke several years ago and is in a wheelchair, so every 2 weeks or so Walt and a couple of other friends go out and spend a couple of hours with him to give his wife a break.

But we late this afternoon we had a call from his wife, saying she had just brought him home from the hospital, where he has been the past few days, and she didn't think she would be going out.

So instead of visiting the house-bound friend, we went to the home of our friend who has brain cancer and probably not too much longer to live.  He and his husband had been going over his will, which he made 20 or more years ago.  He discovered that many of the beneficiaries named in the will are no longer with us, so he had to draw up a new will.  He needed someone not a beneficiary to witness his signature.

So we went and visited with him for awhile, then witnessed his signature (expressing indignation that we aren't one of the beneficiaries!).  We visited a bit more, but he tires easily and so we didn't stay too long.  His husband said that the nurse, who comes every day, isn't sure if his current exhaustion is due to new medication, or just another step down the path that leads inevitably to the funeral service we talked about tonight.

I gave him a big hug when we left.  I don't know if we will ever see him again.  I noted that he seemed very warm and he has that round fat-face that I remember seeing on Peach when she was in her last weeks with her own brain cancer.

So now that we had taken care of (or not) the housebound friend and visited the dying fried, we went off for sushi to commemorate the 17th anniversary of Paul's death.  Such an upbeat day!

It's the only time we go out to dinner when I have a beer.

We were at Sushi, Unlimited, which is a chain restaurant and they give their sushi rolls cutesy local names like River Cat, King Kong, Mama Mia, Go Aggie, and I-80.  We discovered the "Lincoln Hills" a few times ago and usually order it to share.  It has spicy tuna, crab mix, deep fried shrimp, avocado, tempura crumbs, Fair Oaks sauce and sweet sauce.  Other than tuna, crab and shrimp, I'm pretty sure you won't find the other ingredients in sushi in Japan.

We also decided to try the "Dynamite," which is very similar to the Lincoln hills, but it has cucumber and a creamy chili sauce.

Each roll was cut in 4-6 slices and though it doesn't seem like enough, we both were full by the end so we came home to watch Jeopardy and have our nightly ice cream. 

And so we have put another anniversary behind us.  Dammit.  On Dave's next month, I'll be giving up Blue Apron for a meal and whipping up a batch of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.



Our rose bush has burst into bloom!

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