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17 Apr 2016

Travel anywhere, where would it be?
The two places I've said for decades I want to travel are the inland passage to Alaska and a photo safari in Africa, but I fear I'm too old and out of shape for both now.

Meet anyone, who would it be?
Rachel Maddow (but I'd probably be too shy to talk with her)

Bring anyone dead back to life, who would it be?
Only one?  I want to bring back my two kids and my cousin!

Be anyone for a day, who would it be?
Bill Gates, with access to his checkbook

Get anything for free for the rest of your life what would it be?

Change one thing about your life what would it be?
Obviously, to have both of our kids alive again.

Have any superpower what would it be?
The power to turn back time and reverse the symptoms of dementia.

Be any animal for a day which would you be?
Oh an elephant!  I want to be one of the girls.

Date anyone who would it be?
I'm a bit too old and too married for this question!

Change one thing about the world what would it be?
Where  do I start?  How about access to clean water and bathroom facilities for everyone in the world.

Live in any fictional universe which would you choose?
Outlander's world, of course.  But not for long.  I don't think I have the stamina for it.

Eliminate one of your human needs which would you get rid of?
I can't think of any need I'd give up, and except maybe the need for sleep...but then I do enjoy sleeping....But if I didn't have to sleep, I could read more and keep up with things I wanted to watch on TV.

Change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be? weight, of course.  But without having to work at it.

Change one of your personality traits which would you choose?
My damn shyness, which gets worse the older I get.

Be talented at anything instantly what would you choose?
I would like to be multi-lingual.  Spanish would be the most help for me in California. though I have a head start with French and Portuguese.

If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
Didn't I answer this above and say Rachel Maddow?

Erase an event from history (make it so it never happened) which would you choose?
One of the genocides...but there are too many from which to choose just one.

Have any hair/eye/skin color, which would you choose?
I'm content with what I have.

Be any weight/body type, which would you choose?
Anybody physically fit.

Live in any country/city, where would you choose?
If we could afford it (we can't), Santa Barbara, so we could have a larger part in our granddaughters' lives.

Change one law in your country, which would you change?
Right now I would make one man, one vote mandatory, cut out all this delegate crap, and eliminate all of the voter ID regulations that keep people from the voting booth.  But there are other laws that are probably more important to change.

Be any height, which would you choose?
My original height, which was 5-7-1/2".  I have shrunk to 5'6" and now I can't reach anything!

Have any job in the world, which would you choose? would be fun to be an assistant to the team that takes care of Koko the gorilla.

Have anything appear in your pocket right now, what would it be?
Something chocolate.

Have anyone beside you right now, who would it be?
Gilbert.  I want to find out what it's like on the other side--and show him the internet, which if he had lived one more year he would have been absolutely gaga about.


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