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7 Apr 2016

Why people with ADHD get so little done.

The things that had to be done today:  take a shower, go to the post office, go to Atria to pick up my mother's laundry.  I will skip all the things I did that got me through the morning without doing any of those things.  Let's just start at noon.  I'll start with lunch.

Heat up leftover beans and sit in the family room eating.  Midway through the dogs bark at the door.  Must be Blue Apron delivery.  I finish the beans and then go to check.

It is Blue Apron and I bring in the box, open it, and sit down to watch a bit of NCIS.  It's an episode I like.  At some point I take the Compassion letter that's sitting on the table next to me into my office, where I have a stack of Compassion letters I'm trying to organize.

I am now at my desk, so I have to check e-mail first.  Note from Char, I begin to answer it, then check Facebook.  A 10 minute video I got involved in.  With seconds left to go, I see there is a message from Steve Schalchlin, so I switch to that and then can't find the original movie.

Try to find it on YouTube and check other videos that look interesting.

Finish opening all the Compassion letters while watching videos and then decide that NOW I will go take my shower and get to the post office.  I take the packages for the post office to the kitchen table.  Go to the laundry room and get clothes to change into.

Notice that a dog, probably Polly, has eaten the butter on the kitchen table.  They have not done this in months and I'd gotten blasé about moving the butter off the table.  I take time to load some dishes into the dishwasher, then get clothes out of the laundry room.

On the way out of the laundry room to the shower, I pass the still unloaded Blue Apron box, so I unload that.  Putting things into the fridge I see yogurt and decide to eat a container.  Take it to the chair in the family room to eat and get the idea in my head to write this entry.

Come into my office again to start this entry.

Go to check e-mail again and find the unfinished email I was writing to Char.  Mail it.

NOW I will take a shower.  Depending on what distracts me between now and the time I get to the stairs...

...on the way to the stairs, the front door opens and Walt is coming in.  He has been at work.  I go into the family room again and we talk about this week's Blue Apron delivery.  I note that the ingredient featured is scallions, which Blue Angel explains are also called green onions (old family joke).

I see another couple of Compassion letters on the table and come back into my office and add those letters to the ones I am working on.  There is quite a stack of them now.  I decide to take a photo and then edit it and post it here...

(Note you can see WOOD on my desk...shows how much has been cleaned off).

It's getting late.  Skipping shower, just changing into clean clothes.  On my way to the bathroom, I remember something I left out of this and return to my office to add it.

Clothes changed and time to leave the house, but my back is killing me, so need to sit and rest it for a bit.  I am sitting at the computer. NOW it's time to leave.....


Two happy beings

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