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Part 1

23 September 2015

 1 Favorite childhood book? Why is that one your favorite?
There were so many books. Difficult to pick "a" favorite. In grammar school, I read the Five Little Peppers series and the Bobbsey Twins. I read my first Black Stallion book in the 4th grade and devoured all the rest. I read every Nancy Drew ever written, and read all the animal books and books about nurses I could find.

2 What are you reading right now? What are your thoughts on it?
"Angry Optimist," about Jon Stewart (trying to ease my way through weaning off The Daily Show).  It's an interesting book and I'm learning things I suspected, but didn't want to know about the off screen Jon, who is  quite different from the on-screen.  Like Johnny Carson, he is not a social person, guards his privacy and has few close friends.  Also a stern taskmaster on The Daily Show.  But really all I cared about was his Daily Show persona, which I can't fault.

3 Do you go to a library? If so, what do you currently have checked out there? If not, is there a reason?
I live 3 blocks from a library and have not been inside in years. No reason except I just have hundreds of books at home that I need to read so feel no need.

4 Do you collect any authors/series or certain types of books? What are they?
I have a large collection of Albert Peyson Terhune books, and most of the David Gerrold books up until about the mid 1990s.  I donít really "collect" any other authors/series, though I make it a point to read all of the authors I like.

5 Do you have a yearly goal on amount of books you want to finish? What is it? Are you ahead of, or behind in your progress?
Fifty is a nice goal. Right now Iíve read 42 this year, so I will reach the goal well before the end of the year. (In 2012 I read 78)

6 Do you have an e-reader? What kind? Do you read both "real" and ebooks, or just one or the other?
I have a Kindle. I read a lot of books with it, but I also read "real" books.  And of course listen to Audio books.

7 Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? Why?
I always have several books going Ė at least one on my kindle, an audio book that Iím listening to in the car and another audio book that Walt and I are listening to together as well as at least one "real" book that I probably started while at Logos.

8 Do you have a blog or GoodReads where you post reviews? If so, give your URL ~ if not a one word answer IS ok here.

9 What sites, if any, do you go to for getting recommendations of books? If you don't use any sites, how do you get recommendations for new books?
I donít go looking for recommendations, but reading Good Reads reviews and Amazon notices is helpful.  Recommendations Amazon or send me will get me investigating...and of course Char has pointed me in the direction of a lot of books.

10 Favorite book youíve read this year (so far in 2015)? Why?
Maybe Stephen King's "11/22/63."  That was definitely my favorite audio book.  For favorite reading book, "The Martian," which I bought before I knew it was going to be a big blockbuster movie.

11 Least favorite book you read this year (so far in 2015)? Why?
"The Rosie Effect," sequel to the delightful "The Rosie Project," both of which I read for book club. While "Rosie Project" was quirky and fun, "Rosie Effect" was boring and repetitive.

12 Book due to be released this year (2015) that you are most looking forward to and why?
"Playing with Fire" by Tess Gerritsen. Itís been a long time since Iíve read a new Gerritsen. Also looking forward to "Do Unto Animals," written by Jon Stewartís wife and recommended highly by her husband.

13 What is your reading comfort zone and How often do you read out it?
My comfort zone is crime/drama type books, but I very often read out of it.

14 Favorite place to read? Why do you like that place best?
Sitting in my recliner with a glass of ice water at my side, since itís the most comfortable seat in the house

15 What are your thoughts on book lending?
Since most of the books I read are kindle books, I canít lend them. But if itís a "real" book, Iím more likely to give it to someone rather than lend it to them.

16 What are your thoughts on pirated books?
Bad, bad pirates. Unfair to struggling authors.

17 What are your thoughts on "Banned" books?
Banned books lists are ridiculous. Depending on the group doing the banning, they would ban many of our most beloved classics.

18 What are barriers you have to reading more? (work, family, etc)
My TV addiction.

19 How many books did you read during Jan - Jun (1st 6 months of year)? How many more books have you read in Jul & Aug?
28 from January to June, 14 so far since July (close to finishing one more, though)

20 What makes you love a book?
Caring about the characters, good plot, believability.  It helps if I get so emotionally invested in the book that it makes me cry.

21 What will inspire you to recommend a book?
If I finished a book and think "I need to talk to someone about this" Iíll recommend it.

22 5 of your top read genres & one Recommended book for each genre
Crime/drama - "Chasing the Dime" by Michael Connelly
Historical Romance - "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon
Sci Fi - "Flying Sorcerers" by David Gerrold and Larry Niven
Animal books - "The Elephant Whisperer" by Lawrence Anthony
Bio - "Stories I only Tell My Friends," by Rob Lowe

23 5 authors you read a lot & one book you recommend for each
I read a lot of Michael Connelly (all of his, actually) and any is good, but one of his early books, "The Last Coyote" where hero Harry Bosch investigates the cold case of his own motherís murder is a good one.
I love David Baldacci and his "Absolute Power" was a favorite. It will change your mind about the abuses of power!
Iíve read all of Diana Gabaldonís "Outlander" series and my favorite was "Voyager," where Claire returns to Scotland to find Jamie.
I am working my way through Harlan Coben books, and loved "Drop Shot," which centers around tennis this time.  I love his "hero," Myron Bolitar.
*  I have read most of John Steinbeckís books and my favorite was "East of Eden." I loved it for the descriptive passages of places I know quite well. Every time I am reading Steinbeck, I find my own writing improves.

24 Do you read non-fiction? Biographies? What is one of your favorites? If you don't read them, what keeps you from them?
Yes, I read both non-fiction and biographies. In the non-fiction category, anything by Bill Bryson is wonderful. I particularly like his "The Mother Tongue".
Anatoli Kuznetsovís "Babi Yar" is not a pretty bookĖ-and itís huge--but it tells the important story of how he, a gentile adolescent, survived the Nazi occupation of Kiev and the atrocities he saw.

25 How many times do you read a week?
I read every day, even if only briefly while waiting in line somewhere.

26 Do you feel you read better with or without noise? What kind of noise can't you read through?
I can read through anything except someone standing in front of me talking to me.

27 What influences your book choices?
A book by a favorite author I haven't read yet, recommendations from interviews I hear, or whatever seems to hit my mood when I read the cover of the book.

28 Favorite reading snack? Favorite reading drink? Do you eat/drink while reading, or do you put the book down for snacks?
I usually have water with me, occasionally a snack, but not usually.

29 Do you literally judge a book by its cover, title, or author?
In order, probably author, cover, and title. But sometimes title, cover, author.

30 What is the longest book you have ever read? The shortest?
Ever? Tough to remember. Tom Jones was 1,024 pages. That may be the longest. The shortest was a book I read recently, "My Roller Coaster Ride with Sallie: An Alzheimers Story" by Judy J. Harritan, which was only 37 pages long, but which nicely told her feelings about dealing with her motherís dementia.


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