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17 September 2015

I have been watching the Republican debate all day, it seems.  I watched the "kids' table" and then the big people's discussion.  This is how I feel.

Maybe it was when Jeb said that his brother kept us safe, or when someone intimated that Planned Parenthood was a baby-generating machine that did abortions so they could sell body parts that got me looking for an exploding head graphic.  But I felt the need many times throughout.

While I agree that the moderator was better than some in creating a real debate and trying to keep everyone, even Trump, on topic, but he, like most interviewers I have seen, allow statements to go unquestioned and it is driving me nuts.

How many times has Trump told you that he's going to build a beautiful wall and that Mexico is going to pay for it?  Has anybody ever asked him how he's going to get Mexico to pay for it?

Or those 12 million aliens that Trump is going to get rid of in the first two years.  Nobody ever questions him on statistics.  First, he seems to assume that they are all Mexicans and that he can just put them on trains and buses and send them out of the country.  First of all while, yes, there are a lot of Mexican illegals here, they are not all Mexican.  If you have Chinese illegals or Nigerian can't put them on a bus or train.  How do you send THEM back to where they came from?

Secondly there are the legal children of illegals.  Whether Trump likes it or not, right now the Constitution says that if you are born here you are a legal citizen.  He seems to think that it's a simple matter to ignore that and send the kids back with their parents, which means deporting legal citizens of the United States.  He also seems to forget that you can't just change the Constitution without vote in Congress (which he seems to think will be easy to get.  Has he watched Congress the past 8 years???) and then passage by all 50 states.  But never mind.  He's the Great Trump.  He can do it because he is very rich and he knows how to run a business.

So assume that somehow you can deport families, illegal and legal members,  Where do you find them?  Haven't they been hiding all these years?  Are they just going to voluntarily present themselves to the bus or train?

Someone else mentioned a path to legal residency saying they'd have to pay taxes for the years they lived here.  What about the illegals who get fake Social Security cards so they can work and do pay taxes?  (I've known some who do.)

And then there is Trump's plan to keep businesses from establishing plants out of the states. Ford is building a big plant in Mexico.  If Trump is president, he'll call the president of Ford ('cause he knows him, dontcha know) and tell him that unless he builds his plant here he will face at 30% tax on every car brought into this country. OK.  Sounds good.  But how does that happen?  The president can't arbitrarily charge a special tax just 'cause he feels like it.  Nobody has ever asked him that question.

Then there is ... who is it? ... maybe Rubio.  Maybe not.  Someone wants to tear up the Iran deal on day one of his presidency.  Is he aware that the deal was signed by not only the United States, but also Germany, Britain, France, Russia and China?  The U.S. President can't just tear it up because he doesn't like it.

And how about those who are going to repeal Obamacare on day one.  What happens to the millions of now insured citizens who currently benefit from Obamacare?  Are you going to tell them they no longer have health coverage?  What will you give them in return, on Day One?

But nobody asks those questions and those are more important questions than the fantasy beautiful country that all those candidates envision if we just give them our vote.  Heck, vote for me.  I'll make sure every road in the country is repaired, gas prices don't rise above $2 a gallon, every dog has a forever home, and everyone has a daily chocolate allotment.

With all this, there is one BIG reason why we simply cannot let Trump be president.  After 8 years of the Bush smirk, I don't know if I can live with 4-8 years of the Trump supercilious pout.


The pit band Jeri is playing in (for Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)
is having a "theme night" each night.  This was the night they all wore
police hats.


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