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15 September 2015

Charlotte liked my "sufficiently decayed" button and wanted one, so we brought one to her when we met for lunch today.

We were meeting at Fentons, an ice creamery in Vacaville, about half an hour from here.  The photo at the left is hanging on the wall in the restaurant an I just love it.  It says a lot without words!

Jeri and Phil (the other Jeri and Phil--Jeri's godmother and her husband) were in the area and suggested getting together for lunch.  They live in their RV and travel around the country, spending the winter months in Arizona.  But Jeri has kids and grandchildren in Washington state, the Sacramento area and Kentucky and Phil has kids and grandkids (and I believe great grandkids) all over the country, so in good weather, they travel around visiting family.  They usually get into this area one or two times a year.

Since we were getting together with Char for lunch, we also contacted Rich and Pat in Sacramento and Audrey & Gene in the Sonoma area, on the other side of the state.

These are the friends of our lives -- the remaining first generation members of the Pinata Group.  We've lost Jeri's first husband Bill, our friends Concetta and Michele, and, last year, Char's husband Mike.  But we all remain close friends, valuing our 55+ years of friendship.  We were happy that all but Gene made it to lunch.

The last time we met for lunch it was a year ago, at the same restaurant, just before Char & Mike and Walt & I were to head off on our cruise to the South of France.  But we never made that cruise, and Mike never made it home from Germany, their first leg of the trip.

Fentons has a nice selection of food, but I usually go for the crab salad sandwich.

I knew it would be more than I could finish but figured I'd have half for lunch and half for dinner.

Fenton's is mostly famous for its hand made ice cream treats. The original Fenton's was in Oakland, and we occasionally visited it when we lived there.  Char's son had his wedding reception there.  But when they were building a new mall to replace the wonderful and legendary Nut Tree and replacing it with shops, restaurants, and kiddie attractions, we were pleased to see that Fenton's had come to this neck of the woods.  We couldn't leave the restaurant without having dessert.

This is their "petite sundae" with chocolate peanut butter sauce.  Yummy. 

I came home and went to take my mother's pills to her.  I realized I wasn't feeling well.  I had no energy, had zero patience with the repetitions and "not really there"-ness of my mother, and just wanted sleep. I came home and took a nap and skipped dinner, and by later in the evening, I was feeling better.  Still didn't want food, though, so offered my leftover sandwich to Walt for dinner (I honestly don't know if he ate it or not).

It was a fun afternoon, always special when you can spend it with lifelong friends.


Left to right around the table:
Pat, Rich, Phil, Jeri, Char, Audrey, Walt, me

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