26 October 2015

It's time to start another travel journal.  We have turned our house over to Ashley and David, who will be staying with the dogs for the next two+ weeks (what would we do without them???), we have packed our bags, I have made arrangements for my mother, and the only thing left to do is get in the car, pick up Charlotte and head for the San Francisco airport.

We fly from San Francisco to Paris, change planes and fly to Barcelona.  Not excited about a flying day.  I have come to accept that they are always terrible, but I hope we get through with minimum problem.

Our itinerary will take us from Barcelona to Venice, both places I have not visited and have wanted to visit.  We visit 6 countries and 10 ports over the next 13 days.

Cruise Itinerary


[Viking dinners are so beautiful, in the past I have posted them here.
I will do so again once we get on the ship]


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