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22 October 2015

Well, I got lots of stuff done today.  For starters I finished the Christmas messages for the Compassion kids.  Now just one more trip to the Post Office and that will be done.  Once nice thing about doing Christmas in October is that you definitely beat the Christmas rush!

I had planned to have lunch with my mother but forgot I already had plans for my  monthly lunch with my friend Kathy.  Not surprisingly, Joe Biden was the lead off topic of conversation.  Kathy was very sad that he had decided not to enter the presidential race.  I had mixed feelings.  I felt that entering now would do harm to the Democrats.  I certainly understand his feelings about the family's grief process following the death of son Beau and how that plays into his decision.  In the end, I think he made a wise decision and he will retire as one of history's most beloved vice presidents.  Certainly a hell of a lot more beloved than the guy he replaced!

After lunch, I finally got to SuperCuts for my free haircut.  Everyone who had their heads shaved in March got a coupon for a free haircut.  I have decided that I like my hair short and so I wanted it cut short again.  The beautician called this a pixie cut, though I think "pixie" is definitely not a term one would use to describe me.

But I'm glad to have it short again and we'll see if my mother notices when I have lunch with her tomorrow.

Then it was time for my afternoon nap.  Once nice thing about getting older is finally admitting that naps are a good thing.  I don't schedule a nap every day (except on days when I'm going to be reviewing a show and want to be sure I don't fall asleep) but I do have a nap nearly every day and thoroughly enjoy it.

In the evening Walt went off to sit with a friend of ours. This is a guy from the local theater scene, who was a leading performer for years and years. He had a stroke a few years back and while he recovered, he has residual problems which worsen with age.  His wife doesn't want to leave him alone so Walt and a couple of other people spend an evening a month with him so she can get out and go to a social gathering.  (I'm sure there are others providing respite care for her as well.)

Walt got home around 8:30, I guess, saying how much he enjoys these evenings.  The visitors have a lot in common with the patient and are all big theater and opera fans.  It is sad seeing this guy's continuous physical decline, but so good that he has survived his stroke and is still lively and interested in so many things.


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