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4 October 2015

1. What would you pick as a major, if you could go back to college and do it again?
Probably journalism.

2. Who is the one celebrity with whom you would most like to have an in-depth conversation?
This is the question I almost always answered "Robin Williams," but now I guess I would choose Jon Stewart.

3. If you could make a living doing ANYthing, what would that be?
Being a salaried professional TV watcher.

4. What’s your all-time very favorite dessert?
I have several, depending on my mood and time of year.  Creme Brulee, homemade fruit pie, strawberry shortcake, pumpkin pie or cheesecake.

5. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
Zero.  Have not worn jeans in years.

6. What is your favorite flower, and why?
I like yellow roses, but actually any rose that has a perfume (which almost none of the store-bought ones do any more).  I also like daffodils, daisies, and chrysanthemums.

7. What book has most changed your life?
A little book called "How to Survive the Loss of a Love," which a co-worker gave to me after my friend Gilbert died and which helped me get through not only the grief of his death, but also of several deaths since then.

8. What is your least favorite vegetable? Is there any way you can be persuaded to eat it?
Beets...and I hope not!

9. If you could take a nonstop first class flight to any destination, where would you pick to land?
Australia.  That's a 30+ hour flight and I could make the most of my first class accommodations!

10. If your 15 minutes of fame included a stint on American Idol, what song would be your trademark solo?
Isn't it Patsy Cline who sang "I'm Sorry"?  That's the only appropriate song for me to sing anywhere.

11. If you could pick one former friend (who has remained elusive in this wild Facebook world) to reunite with, who would you unearth?
A grammar school friend named Marie Davilla, whom I have not seen since 1960 and with whom I would very much like to reconnect. (the problem with finding female classmates is that we have this annoying tendency to marry and change our names!

12. You have been awarded the time off from work and an all-expenses paid week anywhere in the United States. The catch is that it must be somewhere you have not been before. Where do you choose to visit?
Mason City, Iowa, the town Meredith Willson based The Music Man on.  (Of course that is only a 2-3 hour visit, so I would spend the rest of the week visiting my cousin)

13. Name three of your guilty pleasures.
Ice cream bars, NCIS Marathons, taking the long way home to listen to my audio book longer.

14. The best kind of cookie is:

15. What do you value most in other people?
Friendship, loyalty and above all, a sense of humor.

16. Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that something you thought was a bad thing was actually a blessing in disguise?
Many, many, many times.  Any time I look back, I  realized the good things that resulted in something bad happening and realize that even if I had the power to go back and change things, even the very bad things, I would not.

17. What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?
The Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland and the aqua blue of the Indian ocean (this answer may change if I ever get to see Iguacu falls in Brasil/Argentina!)

18. Are you more of a thinker or a feeler?
Very definitely a feeler.

19. Name three things you are thankful for right now.
The health of my husband, remaining children, and grandchildren, still having my mother in my life even in her demented state, Hagen Dasz mini ice cream bars

20. Have you ever participated in a three-legged race?
Sure, but not in a very, very long time.

21. When you are at an event that plays the National Anthem, do you place your hand over your heart?
Sometimes.  Not always.


We went to a memorial service today for my friend Nancy, who died a couple of months ago.
Nancy had lived many years in Hawaii and we were asked to wear bright colors.
Her daughter Poppy and I apparently were thinking alike!

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