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17 November 2015

Believe it or not, I seem to have developed a new hobby this week, the very last I would have expected.  I can't seem to stay awake.  At all.  This morning I slept until after 10 a.m., which is unheard of.  And then, waking so late, I was very lethargic trying to get moving so took a nap.  In the afternoon, i went to Atria and stayed my usual hour, then came home and fell asleep.  I have been napping off and on throughout the evening and finally just got up (12:30) to ssee if Yahoo was finally finished with its upgrade and if I could still post entries to Funny the World.  But as I sit here, I am ready to go back to sleep as soon as I can.

I never think of myself as having jet lag.  Traveling never seems to bother my sleep patterns much since they are so weird to begin with...and this seems a bit late to suddenly start experiencing jet lag, but...whatever...I'm enjoying the sleep, even if I'm missing my life while I'm doing it!

This Yahoo thing has been frustrating.  I knew it was coming.  Yahoo sent out messages a month or so ago, but I chose not to pay attention until I suddenly could not access anything on Funny the World.  Yahoo has become Aabaco Small Business and it involved a re-working of the web site.

I didn't remember if it was ultimately going to affect me or if things would continue as they always have and so I have worried these past 2-3 days when I could not connect.  Whenever I tried, I got the message

Sorry! We're currently updating our system. Please return and complete your request after 6:00 p.m. PT on November 15. When you do, you'll see our new name, Aabaco Small Business, and a completely rebranded website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause."

First it was after 6 p.m. on November 15, then November 16 and finally November 17.  i had little hope of it actually being ready for prime time tonight either, but when I tried just now...there it was ,looking like it always did (when I figured out how to connect, that's different, but now that I've bookmarked the pertinent pages, I shouldn't even notice the difference). 

The visit with my mother was nothing out of the ordinary.  I finally remembered to break it to her that her friend died last week.  I wasn't sure how that would go and if she would have to be reinded of who Dodie was, but she didn't need reminding and was shocked and saddened.  I told her I had no information on the cause of her death and she said, somewhat wistfully "maybe someone will call me," so I let her other friend know that it was OK to call.  I couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't be like breaking the news all over again, but her friends were concerned about the effect of telling her over the phone and I think that will be OK now.

She's developed a new "thing" -- reading her watch.  She can be at times obsessive about it and seems to have trouble each time trying to figure out what time it is.  She obviously doesn't need a watch, since she has noplace to be, but having it on her wrist is important to her.

The weather continues to be a big topic of conversation.  Today she asked the usual question "is it hot outside?"  I told her that no, in fact it was cold (about 59).  After that each time she looked outside she would tell me that the sky was so blue but somehow it looked cold.

I've read some new thigs about Alzheimers / Dementia in the last week.  One was a list of ways to tell if a person has dementia or Alzheimers and with I think one exception, it described my mother to a T.  The other was a book written for caregivers (as in people in an assisted living facility who care for dementia patients) about how to enrich their lives, how to handle difficult situations, etc.  So much of the situations discussed sounded so familiar.  I sure wish I could get her doctor to do a baseline, but that would involve getting her to a doctor and that's not likely to happen until her required annual physical since it takes an act of God (literally) to get her to agree to see a doctor.  But next time I'll try being more insistent.

But for now I find I am once again falling asleep.  Apologies for a really boring entry.


Taken at a train museum birthday party

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