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12 November 2015

It was mid-afternoon before I realized that, first of all, when the temperatures turn cold, the clothing of customers is pretty boring.  No interesting outfits, hats, shoes, etc. today.  Bummer.  Second, it seemed that just about everyone coming into the store was wearing blue.  Amazing.  I didn't start tracking it until late in the afternoon, so it won't show up in "Today" until later in this entry.

I replaced Susan this morning, not Sandy.  I sat there, kind of in a daze trying to get into "Logos Mode" again.  After today, the Mediterranean seems very far away indeed.  I decided to check the travel books and see if there was anything that would speak to me re the places we had visited.  A man came in and asked to see travel books, so I went back to the desk and let him browse. 

Another man came in looking for "Travels with Charlie" and I directed him to the Lit section for Steinbeck.  It occurred to me that one thing I love about working at Logos is discovering how many authors and/or books I know and can give information about even if the customer didn't know more than the title of the book.

The travel book guy brought his selection, a guide to New York, to the desk and asked my name.  I told him and he said "I thought so!" and then asked if he could induced me to go to see his daughter's play at the high school tonight ("you don't need to review it; just see it!")  As a parent of theater kids, I understood his plea, but I told him I had just returned from vacation and have 3 shows this weekend, and just couldn't.  At this stage of the game a free ticket to a high school production is just not the "treat" that some might think it would be.

He then told me that he was re-starting the Davis Life Magazine, which had disappeared several years ago.  That was good news to hear because I always enjoyed that on-line magazine. I gave him my e-mail address and told him to keep in touch.

A European couple came in looking for maps of Davis.  I sent them to the Avid Reader.

A young woman came in wanting to donate books and wanting to know "when are the donation hours?"

There had been a middle aged man (dressed in blue, now that I think about it) who had been talking to Peter when I arrived.  He was probably there for another half hour and ended up spending $50 on:  3 bargain books (he returned two of the five he had chosen, originally), 3 Literature, 2 Native American history, 2 political science, one American History....and a bag.

The next woman who came in gave me a start.  She was tall and had the bearing and movement and appearance of Peggy, though on closer observation, her hair was curly, her nose more aquiline, and her earrings were not hoops, but it did startle me for a moment.  She bought an Ann Taylor book.

A guy bought 2 bargain books and 3 Literature and you would have thought I was giving him a special gift when I told him he could choose some bookmarks.

2 women came in together chatting and chatted throughout their time there.  The first woman was rather large and greeted me with "OK...where are your tarot books?"  She wore a Mickey Mouse jacket over a purple shirt.  She removed the jacket midway through her visit.  The other woman asked for a bathroom and I sent her across the street.  She returned, stopping to pick out two books in the bargain section and came in saying "This store is too damn good!"  The two of them together bought lots of books.

A tall, balding guy with his sunglasses slung over the neck of his sweater bought a book on feminists and a book on San Francisco Victorian houses.

A couple who were probably grandparents came in asking if we had the "Great Brain" books for children, which we apparently did not, but they left with a copy of "Harriet the Spy."

A bearded buy in a navy blue puffy jacket bought "Day of the Locust."

A woman with snow white hair and an electric blue sweater with a Navy blue scarf wanted to put up a flyer ("A Day in Gaza").  She also bought a bargain book.

A guy with blue jeans and a blue shirt, with a blue bag over one shoulder looked around for a long time, but eventually bought nothing.

A mustached middle aged guy in blue jeans, blue shirt, and blue sweater took a book from the display table and stood leaning against a chair reading it.  I swear he read the whole thing and then left without buying anything.

A guy in a wheelchair (with blue jeans and a blue shirt) passed by the window, looked at the bargain books, then twirled his chair around and sped off.

A guy in saggy khaki pants and a blue jacket with "Converse 08" on it bought a bargain book.

At this point I desperately needed a nap!  Also, it was now after 5 and my friend had not shown up.  Outside it was getting dark.  Gone are the days when we will leave in daylight.  Winter is approaching.

A woman in an aqua plush jacket, pink scarf and pink trainers looked around for a long time before leaving.

A buxom woman in a tight blue sweater wants information on donations.

A man with a blue sweater and light blue jeans also wants to donate.  He says he always writes in his books, the date he bought them and where.  He asked if we would take those books and I said that we would.

Susan came in about now and we talked, with difficulty, because she has a sore throat and could barely speak and I need hearing aids and could barely hear, but I did tell her about our trip, what she had not already read in this journal.

Finally Walt arrived, and I was amused to see he was wearing a blue shirt.

When we got home, Walt fixed the TV in my office while I dozed off during Jeopardy...then woke up to the big TV having no sound.  Walt called ComCast who suggested various things and finally said we would need a service call and scheduled it for Monday! (4 days from now!)  But later, Walt decided to kick start the thing (unplugged it and plugged it back in again).  That worked and we have TV again.

I slept so long Walt had to fix his own dinner and then I wasn't sleepy, but it is now 3 a.m. and I think once I post this, I'll have no trouble getting back to sleep.



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