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23 March 2015

The I Meme

Stolen from: The Archives

I am...
A woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother

I want...
World peace and a clean house

I have...
overcome a lot of loss in my life...and I'm still here

I wish...
Congresscritters could return to the days of bipartesan agreement on anything

I hate...
Homophobia, Bigotry, Stupidity, liver, and Donald Trump

I fear...
becoming incapable of caring for myself

I hear...
The sound of coffee brewing

I search...
for the mates to all my unmatched socks

I wonder...
If Congress will ever do anything substantive

I regret...
not finishing college

I love...
spending time with our granddaughters

I never...
sleep the whole night through

I ache...
all over when I first get up in the morning

I always...
think there's a band, kid

I usually...
read whenever I have any empty time

I am not...
a good housekeeper

I dance...
like the hippos in Fantasia

I sing...
not nearly as well as I did when I was younger

I sometimes...
wonder what life would be like if I had gone into the convent

I cry...
at the least little thing

I am not always...
as patient as I should be

I lose...
lots of things all the time

I am confused...
By what in the world is in the mind of some politicians

I need...
positive reinforcement

I should...
get packed up for the long drive home.



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