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23 March 2015

We got to Tom & Laurel's for breakfast a bit after 9 and the kitchen was a beehive of activity, as Lacie was making pumpkin pancakes and Brianna was making regular pancakes, both with Jeri's assistance, Tom was making coffee and cooking sausage and Laurel and the girls had picked blood oranges off their tree for fresh orange juice and Laurel was busy squeezing them.

Tom has always used cooking as a teaching tool and Brianna knows so much about cooking already.  She can tell you about mis en place and mirepoix, she can cook pancakes on the griddle by herself.  I've seen her do such complicated cooking procedures and love watching Tom (and Laurel) teaching both of the girls how to do it all safely, and why they choose the healthy foods they do.

Lacie is such an organized, regimented 3 year old.  After breakfast she wanted us to read books to her (she has always been a voracious reader).  But she laid out a series of books all over the floor and then picked them one by one to say who she wanted to read which book.

We each had our turn, and as we took our turn, she would then put the read book on a chair, get a new book and choose which of us got to read the new book to her.

Jeri got to read the first book, then me, then Walt.

She eventually got to Tom, but he was busy using the basketball tournament to help Bri learn how to do math in her head (she's very good in math!). Tom says she's even better with football scores.

Brianna is a whiz at some computer games and everybody watched her solve some of the adult-level picture puzzles.

In time we went to the Farmer's Market to pick up veggies for the week, and for tonight's dinner.  So cute watching the kids walking with Jeri.

There were kids performing on the courtyard and Jeri and Bri, and eventually everyone sat and watched them do a medley from Frozen (which the girls had already done here at home before we went to the market)

We ended up at "Blenders in the Grass," for "smoothlies" (Lacie corrected me when I erroneously said "smoothy") and then to our respective houses for our respective naps until time for dinner.

At 5, we went back to Tom & Laurel's where they were in the middle of putting together Pho (pronounced "fuh"), a Vietnamese noodle soup, this version with chicken and fun toppings like mint, basil, cilantro, lime, chilis.  Delicious.

As usual, there were books to read.

Lacie also drew this picture, which she says is her "homework."

The biggest figure is Jeri's dog Lester (you can tell it's a dog by the ears on top of her head).  The figure in red is Jeri, wearing a dress.  The figure in black is Phil, who has brown eyes, though you can hardly see them.  Also, Lacie spelled out "Lester" on the top right corner, though it takes some imagination and concentration to make it all out!

After baths. Lacie had to tell me a "little scary story." 

She was very intent, very dramatic and knew exactly what her story was about and where it was going, but I couldn't hear a word she said because she said it in a voice softer than a whisper.  I told Laurel I hoped there wouldn't be a test!

So our weekend is coming to an end.  Jeri flies off to Boston tomorrow (Alice Nan is driving her to the Los Angeles airport), Tom and Laurel go to work, Brianna and Lacie go to school.  With nobody to play with, there is nothing left for us to do but drive home.

Ashley tells me she wasn't able to coordinate with our server, so we will still be without wifi when we get there so my Tuesday is already planned!



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