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13 March 2015

Boy, was that fun!

I left Logos at 6 and walked around the corner to DeVere's Pub where the shaving was taking place.  Every time someone was finished, a cheer went up from the crowd watching.

I had to wait for Ned and for the photographer, both of whom were scheduled for arrive around 6:30.  There were lots of people there to cheer us on. There was Lee Riggs, of the band Riggity Jig, a Celtic band that we love.  I handed him my camera and he took most of the photos for this entry.

Ned arrived and changed into his Seymour shirt, to match my Toby shirt.  This was our "shaving uniform."

There were Ellen and Shelly, the most photographed couple in Davis.  Shelly said "Some people will do anything to get attention."  She also took one last opportunity to run her hair through our heads.

Nancianne was there too, but there to have her own head shaved.  She was waiting for her family to arrive to cheer her on.

There was also Susan, from Logos; Zoe Tilton, MD, one of the doctors I used to work for when I worked and a few other people.  When the photographer arrived, it was time to get the show on the road.  When I sat down with Ned and looked at the bank of cameras aimed at us, I was so overwhelmed I forgot to get my cell phone out so I could take a picture from MY side.

Ned had them shave our heads into mohawks first.  It worked OK for Ned, but my hair was too long for it to really look the way he hoped it would.

So take it off...take it all off...and they did.

(photo by Marta)

When it was over, we got to take a look at ourselves in the mirror.

Then we went into the pub for dinner (beer and fish 'n' chips for me), after which we had to go to Atria to show my mother.  Thank goodness Marta was taking a video when we knocked on the door because the look on her face when she saw me should definitely have been recorded for posterity.  She looked like someone had just shoved a bag of dog feces in her face, she turned away from me and hid behind the door, in the dark kitchen.  She didn't want to turn around and look at me again.

Turns out she thinks Ned looks fine because he's a man but I'm a woman and she can't stand to look at me.  Several times through the short time we were there, she glanced over at me, grimaced and looked away again, though eventually she did accept it.  She's going to have to get over this real quick because we're spending the day tomorrow driving around looking at wildflowers.  (She says that's OK because wild flowers can't SEE me like people can).

So what does it feel like to be bald.  Not cold, as everyone told me it would.  In fact the breeze blowing actually felt good, until I got in a draft at home and then put on one of my new knit caps.  Rubbing my head feels like petting Polly.

But it's finally done.  Three more donations came in today, so I don't know what our actual final total was yet.  I suppose I'll wait until St. Baldrick's gets all the paper work figured out.  But it might be close to (but not quite) $3500.

We done good.




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