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12 March 2015

The good news is...after tomorrow you don't ever have to hear about St. Baldricks or shaving my head ever, ever again.  The time is upon us and tomorrow's entry will not be "Today at Logos," but will be about our adventures in Baldrickland, becoming bald, and my mother's reaction.

I realized how big this had all become when we went to review a show tonight.  The first person we saw was Mitch Agrus, beloved old actor of Sacramento theater.  Mitch is getting more feeble and is in a wheelchair now.  My colleague Jeff brought him to the theater early so he could sit in his chair off in a corner and let people "pay court" to him, because everyone knows him and loves him.

I went to say hello and he said "I thought you were going to shave your head." I assured him that I will be bald tomorrow and then explained to the people around him what I was going to do, because they thought I might be having my head shaved prior to a medical procedure.

I went into the theater and sat down and the next person I saw was LaRue Carnes, wife of Sacramento News and Review critic, Jim Carnes.  LaRue was asking me questions about what was going to happen and about St. Baldrick. She was impressed to hear that we had raised more than $3,000.

Jeff came in to ask when the event was taking place.  I told him and thanked him for the article he wrote about us for The Enterprise, which resulted in the neighbors contributing $250 for the event.

At intermission, Patti Roberts, critic (and fierce Word with Friends competitor) came over and started stroking my hair and said she wanted to say goodbye to it.

After Patti left, the woman sitting in the row in front of us turned around and asked if something was going to happen to my hair tomorrow.  I explained about St. Baldrick and our project.

When we got home, my cell phone was ringing.  It was Ned making arrangements for tomorrow.  He decided we should wear the Toby and Seymour shirts he had made at Christmas.  Toby and Seymour were our dogs when the kids were living at home.  Ned made t-shirts for Walt and me with the dogs on them.  He wants to borrow Walt's shirt to wear and I will find my shirt and those will be our "team shirts."

I asked if he was going to shave his beard because someone on Facebook said she'd make another donation if Ned would keep his beard.

I also checked our total and found that Connie Dees, who had issued the Challenge Grant had made a donation, as per her promise, for the $100 and $25 donations that had been made in the last week or so.

I think we've finally maxed out on friends who are willing to support us and so our total will be $3,053, which ain't bad for someone who hoped to raise $500.

So I'm all set and I have my knit caps to take in case it's cold tomorrow (though at least at the start, I want to answer questions about why my head is bald)

Now just work the shift at Logos, show up at DeVere's pub, and take lots of pix to fill this space with tomorrow.

And then I promise not to bother you about this ever, ever again!




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