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27 July, 2015

As Ellen and I looked at each other, we decided this must be a "gimp gathering."

We are here in Seattle, visiting our friend Mary.  Tricia was supposed to be here too, but she broke her toe.  Wimp. Ellen (from Milwaukee) broke her foot but she's still here. The two of us have been getting the royal treatment with wheelchairs.

Walt picked up a wheelchair at the Southwest counter when were arrived at the Sacramento airport.  In truth I can walk, but I am faster and less grumpy in a wheelchair.  Walt, bless him, pushed me all over the place.

When you are in a wheelchair, you get to board the plane early and everyone is SO NICE to you.  I got to sit in the seat I've always wanted to sit in...the very first one, with all the leg room. We sat across from some folks who had two service dogs (Jack Russell terriers), who were so cute.  One of them looked out the window the whole time.  The other slept until we were coming into SeaTac and then he got up and watched too.

In Seattle a nice young man from Kenya, celebrating his 22nd birthday today, wheeled me all over the place.  Just before we were leaving the security area, I realized that I had left my iPad on the plane and sent Walt back to get it (naturally it was at the other end of the concourse!). I felt terrible when I realized he was dealing with BOTH suitcases, and I could easily have put one in my lap.

But eventually, he got the iPad, we got on the bus to go to rent a car and headed out into horrendous Seattle traffic.

The speed limit signs change, depending on the need.  We went from a 30 mph zone to a 40 mpg zone and back to a 30 mph zone.

Finally, after getting lost a couple of times, we arrived at the hotel, where our room was not yet ready, but Ellen and her husband Rob were already here so we hung out in their room.

Rob had picked up an interesting pamphlet in the hotel lobby, with the other "what to do in Seattle" brochures!

We visited for a couple of hours until it was getting late.  Mary was at a family gathering and was going to join us at whatever restaurant we chose to eat.  Rob had enjoyed Demitri's Woodstone Taverna, so we went there. There is a varied menu, but lots of things are tapas and we had a great assortment.  I chose crab stuffed (of course) artichoke hearts that were incredible.  Walt picked flatbread with baked brie and apples. He also had a flatbread caprese, and I ordered fries with truffle oil and garlic (not nearly as good as the same dish we had at the GRUB dinner earlier this week).

Mary joined us, but didn't eat.  When we finished dinner, she suggested a sunset cruise on the ferry across to Kingston.  We could make it a round trip and wouldn't have to get off the boat.  So we did, and it was the perfect way to end the day.  The sunset was gorgeous, the weather beautiful, the company wonderful.

And we didn't ... but thought about it ... have wheelchair races down the ramp back to the car.


Sunset on Puget Sound


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