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19 July, 2015

1. Do you like your movies and books to be more lighthearted or serious?
Since I mostly read crime novels and that sort of thing, I guess serious, though I do enjoy the occasional humorist.

2. What’s more important, first impressions or lasting impact?
My first impressions are not always correct, so I'll go with lasting impact.

3. Order these areas of psychological health from what you need the least improvement into what you need the most improvement in: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual
Oh jeez...this is too much like a class.  I could use improvement in all areas.

4. Do you react appropriately to things and control your feelings?
Yes.  I am very good at sublimation.

5. Do you have stable relationships?
I don't have very many relationships, but they seem to be stable.  For now.

6. Do you need to be in a relationship to feel good about yourself?
It's been so long since I have not been in a relationship, I can't tell!

7. Which is the clearest and most concise, your thoughts, your speech or your writing? Which is the least clear and concise?
Writing is definitely the clearest.  The thoughts often get jumbled when I try to speak.

8. Are you always trying to learn new things?
Not as much as I used to, but I always like to learn new things.

9. Do you feel at peace?

10. Do you have strong morals and ethics that you believe in and adhere to?
It depends on the issue.

11. Do you think of the needs of all humanity or just the needs of yourself and those you know?
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

12. Do you recycle?
Yes.  For decades.  It's a religion in this town.

13. Are you active in your community?
Not really.  I volunteer in a couple of community things, but I would not call me active in the community.

14. Are you sensitive to the needs of others?
Sometimes painfully so.

15. Do you dress up to go out?

16. What could make you lose respect for someone?
Well, I have certainly lost respect for Bill Cosby, for an example.

17. If you won $1,000 every week until you die, would you still go to work?
I don't go to work now, so no.

18. What trend has been getting on your nerves lately?
Printed material across the bottom of the screen during a TV show.  I was watching the Today Show this morning.  It was a cooking segment and the stuff they were printing on the screen covered up everything the cook was doing. I had mini ads for upcoming shows during a show I'm trying to enjoy.

19. Do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?
It depends on how big a mistake it was.

20. Is ignorance really bliss?
Again, it depends n the situation.

21. What can be described as ‘even better than the real thing’?
I haven't found it yet.  I CAN believe it's not butter.

22. What’s in your wallet right now?
Paper money, coins, credit cards, receipts, business cards, Kaiser card, driver's license

23. Do you write letters that you never send?
From time to time.

24. Do you ever get the feeling people are laughing at you?
Oh sure.

25. Who’s the one person you’d like to drop a house on?
I'd be happy to see Trump Tower land on Donald Trump.



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