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13 January 2015

Polly and I were sitting in front of the TV tonight when something that looked at first like a huge moth flew by my head. I did the logical thing and ducked, but Lizzie was going crazy going outside and looking up and barking and then inside and looking up and barking. 

I don't know if I saw a large moth or not, but what flew in next was unmistakable.

I called Walt to help me catch it (someone on Facebook said to try to catch it in a towel and then release it outside), with the dogs, especially Lizzie, watching its every move (Sheila just kept sleeping).

Finally Walt was able to use the towel when it was on the chain to the kitchen light.  He didn't catch it, but scared it and it flew down and stood on the ground just inside the door.  Polly jumped at it, it flew away, and we closed the door.

But it was a bit of excitement to liven up the evening!

It topped off a full day which started with a dental appointment.  This appointment had been postponed several times and the next available appointment wouldn't be until February, so they promised me they would have me out by 10 a.m., so my mother and I could get to San Rafael for the next lunch with her friends.

We got to Arriverderci restaurant early.  This was the place where we celebrated my mother's birthday back in September, though then we were outside in the sun.  No outside on this cool day.

Jeff, the "kid" in the group (he's only 50) was the last to arrive and I asked him about his new goatee.

He explained that he had been sick last week and only had enough energy to grow hair.  He said he didn't think it was going to last long.

As usual, we had a wonderful meal, lots of laughs and my mother came alive again (though it doesn't look like it in this picture!)

The lunch was for Paula's birthday.  She was turning 91.  I had bought a card for my mother and me to sign but she never did get it straight who was having a birthday and wished Jeff a happy birthday several times.

The group decided we need to get together again next month to celebrate my birthday.

I really enjoy these people and am happy to meet with them.  It also gives my mother much-needed socialization, which she does not allow herself at Atria.

When it was time to leave, there were hugs all around, and a special hug for Jeff, who is my mother's favorite. As much as she enjoys her female friends, she's just not happy without a man to fuss over.

When I was paying the bill, my mother walked outside with the other women and I was so worried about her getting lost that I forgot to leave a tip and the waiter had to run after me.  I was embarrassed... because he had been a nice, attentive waiter!

We were both tired on the way home.  I was fighting sleep, so pulled off in a parking lot and put on a playlist of music I had made when we took my mother on a long drive to visit her family home many years ago.  It's all music of the 40s and 50s, and by golly she sang all the words to all the songs...some things she remembers!



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