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12 January 2015

Things are fine when I sit down, but when I stand up, things go round and round.

The quote is from that wise philosopher, Underdog, the superhero canine who spent days as a mild mannered shoeshine boy, but whenever anyone was in trouble (particularly his girlfriend Sweet Polly Purebred, for whom our Polly is named) he turned into Underdog and fought the bad guys like Simon Bar Sinister, with the help of his Underdog superenergy pill.

I was feeling a bit queasy and dizzy when I got up, hence the Underdog quote, which sparked a spate of quotes Walt and I threw back and forth at each other.

I wonder if our kids remember the cartoons they watched as children as much as I do.

I spent the day in the recliner with an NCIS marathon, when I wasn't rushing off to the bathroom.  NCIS marathons are perfect for days like this because I have seen every episode of NCIS many times so if I fall asleep in the middle of one and wake up in the middle of the other it doesn't matter because I know how the previous one ended and know how the current one started.  I can just doze off whenever the mood strikes me and not lose the plot lines.

In the evening (when I was feeling better), it was time for the Golden Globes.  I didn't blog them like I have in the past, but I have some good memories.  The thing I wanted to know ever since the red carpet is .... why do women not brush or comb their hair any more. Logic tells me that those messy heads are actually carefully fixed by hairdressers, but to me it just looks like they never got around to combing their hair--or got caught in a strong wind on the way to the show.

There were lots of beautiful gowns on the red carpet (doesn't anybody wear Indian headdresses or swans around their neck any more?), but the one that took my breath away whenever I saw it was Kate Hudson's.  Just gorgeous.

I thought Tina Fey and Amy Pohler's opening monologue was fun, but probably good this is their last time hosting.  They really raked Bill Cosby over the coals.  I think even the audience was surprised.

The evening started on a good note, with J.K. Simmons winning an award as supporting actor for Whiplash.  Now most people know Simmons more for his Farmers Insurance commercials...and I'd never heard of Whiplash, but I do enjoy watching him and liked his sitcom last year (apparently not renewed).

I was also delighted with Joanne Froggatt's win in the supporting actress category.  I love the character of Anna on Downton Abbey and was happy to see her getting an award for it.

Another win that made me happy was Matt Bomer for The Normal Heart.  I have liked him since the very first episode of the now-defunct White Collar and thought his performance in a serious drama was wonderful.  I liked that he thanked his husband and their three children.

I was also pleased that Jeffrey Tambour won for Transparent.  I binge watched that show a couple of months ago was impressed with the sensitivity that the series brought to the lives of transgendered people. 

There were shows and movies I'd never heard of, and some I had chosen not to watch because I didn't have the time, but The Affair had so many nominations that I may have to binge watch that and see what I've been missing.

I had not heard of the movie Still Alice, for which Julianna Moore won an award, but apparently it's about Alzheimers, so I'll have to find that to watch.

The Foreign Press awarded so many of the oddball choices that I wonder if it's going to be any indication of what will happen later at the Oscars and Emmys.

But I'm an awards show junkie, so I'll be watching, and maybe by the time the Emmys roll around, I'll be better informed about the shows I should have watched last season.

Despite, as George Clooney pointed out, 80% of the room were losers, from the quality of performances represented, I'd say not a one of them was an Underdog.


Well...look who is visiting Jeri in Boston.

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